Chapter 43 Secret Meet-Ups

"But why?"

Jin Fengyao was bewildered. They were fine just moments ago, so how did they end up agreeing not to meet each other again?

Had his brother's charm regressed that badly?

To the point that his sister-in-law wanted to sever ties with him? The problem seemed serious! It was no wonder that his brother acted like he had eaten a bomb the entire day.

Jin Fengchen was quiet for a few beats before extinguishing the cigarette in his hand. He paused before saying, "Maybe it has something to do with her past."

"Past?" Jin Fengyao's brows furrowed. "What kind of past?"

Jin Fengchen gave him a brief rundown of what had happened last night.

Jin Fengyao rose to his feet and said at once, "Brother, don't worry. Leave this to me. I will go and investigate Sister-in-law's past right away."

His brother stopped him from leaving.

"No. Without my permission, you're not allowed to investigate her."

Jin Fengyao's heart jumped. Truth be told, the investigation was already done way before. He
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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
Irene Seah
Why does she think that Xiaobao can come n go by himself?? A three year old boy!! This is just ridiculous ?
goodnovel comment avatar
Laura Gad
she should stop ditching the child as well at the least Provocation
goodnovel comment avatar
Laura Gad
Jiang sense should stop avoiding the man who loves her

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