Chapter 40 Her Past

Jiang Sese never thought that Jiang Zhen would be this shameless. She rejected him at once.

"Don't you know who Jin Fengchen is? He's not someone you can meet just because I gave him a call. If you want to see him, find your own way."

Jiang Sese reached out to open the car door.

To her surprise, Jiang Zhen snatched her bag and fished out her phone.

She was pissed. "What are you trying to do?"

Jiang Zhen refused to believe her. Considering that Jin Fengchen beat up Lan Sichen so badly because of her, he was sure that she was important to the former. "Just what kind of extraordinary luck does this unfilial daughter of mine have," he thought.

Since Jiang Sese didn't lock her phone with a pin code, he was able to turn it on without any trouble.

He opened the contacts list. Sure enough, he found Jin Fengchen's number inside. He immediately called the number.

"Give me back my phone!"

A furious Jiang Sese reached out to snatch her phone, but she couldn't stop Jiang Zhen thanks to the bodyguar
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Nat nat
I’m so caught up I really wanna know what happen to her child

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