Chapter 38 No One Had Ever Treated Her This Well

It wasn't until after a trembling Jiang Nuannuan watched the Maybach disappear into the night that she was able to calm her nerves.

Her eyes were wide open from disbelief. Jealousy nearly blinded her.

To think that Jiang Sese would be familiar with someone from the Jin family!

What gave her the right?

What right did a woman who gave birth to another man's child have?

Was Jin Fengchen blind? Why did he protect a filthy woman like her so fiercely?

Jiang Nuannuan was so confused that she forgot to check on the unconscious Lan Sichen. All she could think about was how Jin Fengchen had carried Jiang Sese away to safety.


Jiang Sese didn't know how long she was unconscious. By the time she woke up, she found herself lying down in an unfamiliar room.

Startled, she got up and looked around.

Then, she felt a soft, hairy creature rubbing against her.

Only then did she discover Xiaobao, this time dressed in a cow-shaped onesie.

Sighing in relief, she reached out to caress his sleeping face.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Shaye Valenzuela
i have been reading this story from MTLnovel. idk if it's just the translation or something else, but the story has become confusing. Fengchen made her sign a marriage agreement even before proposing. and then proposed again after few chapters. ???
goodnovel comment avatar
Yi Ning Teng
Is there a chapter missing?? ?
goodnovel comment avatar
Josie S K.Mudaliar
step sister wrong 1st master Jin has proposed to see see already, he is definitely smitten ... with her, I doubt he cares about what society will think of his choice of wife

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