Chapter 464 A Clown

Exhausted by everything that had happened so far, Jiang Sese leaned on Jin Fengchen's shoulder, feeling dispirited.

"Fengchen, I..."

Jin Fengchen knew that she had been having a hard time, so he said softly, "Sese, now that we've cleared your name, I'll make them pay for what they did."

Jiang Sese nodded.

Jiang Sese went straight back to her room after returning home. Knowing that she was exhausted, Mrs. Jin didn't ask her what had happened.

With all the rumors that had been going around, even Mrs. Jin had chosen to stay at home. The last thing she wanted was to have all the other rich ladies poke their nose into her family.

"Mom, please keep an eye on Sese. I'm going back to the office." Jin Fengchen left after informing his mother.

Mrs. Jin went to knock on Jiang Sese's door, but no one answered.

She cracked open the door and was only reassured when she saw her slim figure lying in bed.

Picking up her phone, she saw the notification of a new headline.

"The President of the
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