Chapter 468 Being Unreasonable

With that, everyone now knew that the president of the Jin Group was going to hold a grand wedding.

These days, Jiang Sese had to wear a mask or something of that sort whenever she went out, lest someone recognize her. Otherwise, people would surely block her way and bombard her with questions.

Since Jin Fengchen did not have much work to do today, he knocked off early.

He specially went to Jiang Sese's department to take a look. As expected, she was still there.

"What's going on? You shouldn't be too busy today. Why aren't you getting off work?" Jin Fengchen asked in a low voice while pretending to be oblivious.

Jiang Sese shot him a glance. "Thanks to you, I'm in a complete mess right now."

Seeing how bitter she was, Jin Fengchen could not help laughing. "Why do you look as if I'm forcing you to marry me?"

Although Jin Fengchen spoke very casually, Jiang Sese was quick-witted as well, and she quickly said, "That's not what I meant. It's just that everything has happened too fa
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Isn’t she working at the Jiang building these days, learning to be the managing director? You have more than a few problems with story continuity. For example, her mother was going to wake up any minute, right? Also, what happened to Grandpa Qin?

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