Chapter 471 Don't Flatter Yourself

Hearing her reply, Jin Fengyao felt so excited that he immediately carried her in his arms and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Now I have a girlfriend too!"

One after another, everyone around directed their gaze towards the both of them. Song Qingwan's cheeks were tinged with crimson, but her heart was also filled with joy.

A while later, Jin Fengyao put her down.

"Xiaowan, I'm really very glad that you're willing to be with me. Don't worry, from now on, there will only be a place for you here."

As he spoke, Jin Fengyao pointed at his chest. Song Qingwan was seized with a sudden impulse to place her hand on top of his.

Feeling his heart palpitating rapidly, Song Qingwan asked in a soft voice, "Are you really not lying to me? Everything seems too unreal to me."

Jin Fengyao was aware of her concerns. He clutched her shoulders gently, forcing Song Qingwan to look at him in the eye.

"Xiaowan, you're the first girl I've fallen for and also the girl I want to have a serious relation
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