Chapter 467 Doing All He Can to Protect His Wife

The following noon, Jin Fengchen had just woken up and realized that there was an additional bowl of soup on the table, which seemed like some kind of tonic soup.

Needless to say, Mrs. Jin must have been behind this.

Sure enough, just when he walked to the side of the dining table, Mrs. Jin came over while smiling happily.

"Fengchen, remember to eat that bowl of soup on the table."

He had initially wanted to say that he did not eat soup. However, knowing that his mother meant well, he eventually did not refuse and ate it with much difficulty.

When he arrived at the company, Jin Fengchen realized that Zifeng was already waiting for him.

"What's the matter?" Jin Fengchen asked.

Zifeng hesitated for a long while before she finally spoke. "Young Master, I've managed to find some information regarding Jiang Nuannuan's whereabouts. I hope that you can give me another chance."

Although Zifeng had special feelings for Jin Fengchen, she still could not allow anyone to question her abili
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Swati Sarkar
if the story is not finished will become boring
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Very good storyline but writer is not writeing much
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Edith Laurie Mahilum
thanks author

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