Chapter 515 Everyone Is Gone and the Place Is Empty

However, the guard pondered for a moment and said, "But I remember that this little girl went out today. Don't tell me that you guys are swindlers?"

Feeling puzzled, he swept his gaze over Bai Li and the others.

"That's impossible. There will be a strong smell when we exterminate the pests. Ms. Katherine had specifically instructed us to come over after she went out," Bai Li replied with a frown.

They coaxed the guard for a while, and soon after, he let them through.

After entering, they found the villa in block B where Katherine lived without a hitch.

When they arrived at the door, Bai Li was worried that the group of people might be detained in the house, so he rang the doorbell first. However, no one responded.

Bai Li gave the two subordinates a meaningful glance.

They took out the things that they were carrying on their backs. Some professional equipment was hidden among it, and one of the subordinates skillfully operated the equipment to crack the combination lock.

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