Chapter 514 Seize Them Immediately and Bring Them Back


Jiang Sese nodded and slept peacefully.

For the whole day, Jiang Sese had suffered from quite a bit of shock and inevitably felt utterly exhausted both mentally and physically.

Soon after, she then went off into dreamland.

As he listened to her breathing become long and even, Jin Fengchen continued to stay by her side for a long time before leaving the bedroom.

He walked toward the study and realized that Zifeng was standing at the door.

When Zifeng saw him, she looked flustered.

Her face was covered with some dust and dirt as well, making her seem very pathetic.

Seeing Zifeng, Jin Fengchen remained expressionless.

Using his hand, he gestured for Zifeng to keep silent and signaled her to follow him in.

As soon as they entered the study, Zifeng bent over and said with a pained expression on her face, "Young Master, I'm sorry. I failed to protect Madam properly today. I'm willing to bear any punishment!"

She bit her lips tightly as her body trembled slightly.

It was not
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