Chapter 585 Handing Her over

Without any hesitation, Fu Jingyun grabbed a coat and draped it over Jiang Sese's body. He then asked softly, "Alright, what do you want to know?"

After wrapping his coat tightly around her, Jiang Sese asked with a bit of hesitation, "Jingyun... I want to know if I'm really your wife? And is Tiantian really your daughter...what happened today made me..."

As she said these words, Jiang Sese's brows furrowed deeply. "She is really starting to have doubts now".

If that man was not lying, then Fu Jingyun must have lied to her.

She really could not believe that the man who had been with her for three years had used a lie to get her to stay by his side.

What he had done was really a little despicable.

Sensing Jiang Sese's suspicious gaze, Fu Jingyun felt a heart-wrenching pain.

Because of that man, she no longer trusted him anymore.

It was quite ridiculous actually, he had been deceiving himself for three years. It was just a dream he had created for himself.

After taking a few mome
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hurry up with the chapter.. why stop here??? ?
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are you for real? waiting so long for an update and got only ine short chapter which didn’t bring anything new! so dissapointing!

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