Chapter 593 Good Job, Keep It Going

Jiang Sese sniggered. Now she knew at last why the little girl did refused to let her wash the pants.

It was both amusing and annoying: how she had been hoodwinked by that little girl.

Knowing better than to encourage her impish little daughter, she turned her attention instead to entering the number Xiaobao had left her, and she added him into her WeChat contacts.

It did not take long for him to accept her friend request.

Jiang Sese sent an invitation for a video call.

The call just only connected and the mischievous little girl already clawed at her phone.

"Gimme Mummy! Give it to me!"

Exasperated, Jiang Sese relented and handed the phone to her.

Xiaobao's face appeared on the screen and she waved, excited and exuberantly, "Big Brother! Can you see me!?"

Xiaobao beamed broadly and exclaimed, "I see you! Very clearly too!"

His eyes were filled with love and adoration when he laid eyes on Tiantian.

Xiaobao glanced over the back and spied Jiang Sese's arm in the background, a
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