Chapter 587 Daddy Will Get Her Back

Having seen the cake shop in front of her from afar, the little girl held Xiaobao's hand and ran in, completely ignoring the two adults behind her.

After Jiang Sese and Fu Jingyun went in, they saw the cakes in the waiter's tray next to them and could not help but slap their foreheads.

The two of them had ordered all kinds of cakes from the menu.

However, judging by Xiaobao's expression, it was obvious that all the cakes were ordered by Tiantian.

Jiang Sese walked to Tiantian's side and said sternly, "Tiantian, you're still young. You can't eat so much sugar-coated cakes. Be careful, or your teeth will be rotten."

"No, they won't. These were all ordered by my brother. I'm just accompanying him," Tiantian pouted and added.

Seeing Tiantian's stubborn face, Jiang Sese added seriously, "A child who lies will not grow tall. If you're going to be like this, mommy will not like you anymore."

Seeing that Jiang Sese was really angry, Tiantian could only bow her head and admit her mistake
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Karen Ringo
This is a shame! You could have written this story in sequels, sparing the readers of this delay.
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A. Yuhhi
please, show some respect to your readers and update chapters in timely manner. Adding one chapter every 24 hours is a joke!

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