Chapter 589 Do You Remember All This?

Things were as they were, Jiang Sese calmed down. She was already in the car, jumping out wasn't realistic.

After sitting in the car for a while, Jiang Sese felt the numbness leaving her body a little, and she could move the tips of her fingers.

However, no matter what, such actions could not make Jiang Sese happy.

She wore a cold expression and turned to look out the window at the scenery rather than looking at Jin Fengchen.

In this kind of car, all the controls were with the driver. If Jin Fengchen didn't press it, she could only smash the window to escape.

Slowing to a stop in front of a red light, Jin Fengchen turned to look at Jiang Sese. He could see that she wasn't willing to look at him and his heart twisted with pain.

But remembering Xiaobao, he felt that he had to go on and not give up halfway.

The atmosphere was heavy inside the car, so he found an excuse to speak. Pulling down a bottle of perfume hanging on the rearview mirror, he calmly asked, "Do you remember this
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Sussie Q
the chapters are too short. I've been slowly losing interest
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Kathy Pillans
I hope this book does not leave us hanging like the other book I was reading please keep updating chapters

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