Chapter 590 From Now on, I Will Look After You

Involuntarily, desolation lay heavy in Jin Fengchen's tone.

After a few seconds, he finally continued, "We were once so deeply in love. Even if you don't remember, are you not willing to give me a chance?"

Jiang Sese's heart was softened by his words. She could feel the trembling from the man behind her, and it was a reaction produced by extreme fear.

She wanted to understand more, but her rationality wildly warned her away.

She knew that the moment she let go, this clever man would probably close in step by step.

Before she recovered her memories, she... didn't want to do anything unfaithful to Fu Jingyun.

Jiang Sese made up her mind resolutely and struck hard against Jin Fengchen.

While he was in pain, Jiang Sese quickly opened the door and ran out.

Meanwhile, Fu Jingyun was feeling worried. It had been over ten minutes and Jiang Sese hadn't come out, but he also couldn't leave the two children to go looking for her.

Seeing the situation, Xiaobao pointed to an exit and confi
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Nicole Wik
Ok this last chapter is very confusion, ‘cause the writer got the hero and the other guys all screw up name. Hello fix it please.
goodnovel comment avatar
Zubaida Osman-Crombie
Both Jin Fenchen & Jiang Sese do not have docile & indecisive personalities like this. Memory loss doesn't change who u r so completely & remember Jin Fenchen did not lose his memory so his spirit should not be gone.
goodnovel comment avatar
Zubaida Osman-Crombie
& what about DNA testing for both children? After all Xiaobao has looked like Sese right from day one! I really think we can get to a point now!!! please!!!

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