Chapter 6 I Want to Stay with Auntie

Jin Fengchen looked at her, stunned. He appeared to hesitate but soon nodded.

Jiang Sese took two steps forward and knocked on the door. She told the little guy inside the room, "Sweetie, dinner is ready. It's going to get cold if we don't eat soon. Can you come out?"

Rustling noises came from inside the room, but the door remained shut.

Jiang Sese continued her struggle. "Look, I'm starving after working hard all day. Come out and eat with me, all right? Otherwise, I'm going to get gastritis soon. I might even have to take medicine and see the doctor. It's very pitiful, you know."

Silence hung over the entire apartment. A long while later, the door finally opened to reveal a small head.

Jin Fengchen was taken aback.

This kid would typically sulk for more than a week before quelling his anger.

He wouldn't budge even when the whole family was placating him.

He never thought that this woman named Jiang Sese would be able to make him compromise with just a few words.

Jin Fengchen couldn't help glancing at the petite woman beside him.

Jiang Sese didn't notice. She happily carried Xiaobao out of the room and said, "You're such a good boy, Xiaobao. Let's go and have dinner."

Xiaobao nodded. He didn't even spare his father a glance. He returned to his chair and prepared to eat.

Seeing that Jin Fengchen was still standing in place and didn't look like he was going to protest, Jiang Sese nonchalantly asked, "Mr. Jin, have you had dinner? Why don't you join us?"

She was just being polite. She never thought that he would reply: "Okay. I will have to trouble you then."

Jiang Sese was dumbfounded. He had no qualms about being impolite, she thought.

Fortunately, she prepared more dishes and rice today. She ran off to retrieve another set of bowl and chopsticks. "If you're not used to it, we can go to a restaurant."

Jin Fengchen calmly picked up a piece of pork chop and took a bite out of it. "It's tasty."

Jiang Sese sighed in relief.

The dinner continued under a rather awkward mood.

Especially with the man sitting opposite her.

It was their first meeting, after all. What strange circumstances!

It was a good thing that she had Xiaobao for company. Every now and then, she would peel a prawn for him, feed him a bite of rice, and wipe his mouth clean. All of her attention was soon on him.

After they were done with dinner, Jiang Sese cleared the table and then made some tea for the father-son pair to aid their digestion.

They had finished the tea, she thought, so surely, it was time for them to leave.

Jin Fengchen could tell what her intention was, so he took advantage of the timing to say, "Thank you for dinner, Miss Jiang. It's getting late; allow me to bring Xiaobao home."

Jiang Sese secretly sighed in relief.

She thought that they were planning to spend the night here!

She promptly replied, "It's no problem at all, just a mere dinner."

Their conversation, however, made Xiaobao panic. He immediately hugged Jiang Sese's thigh and looked at his father with a cautious look. "I'm not going home. I want to stay with Auntie."

Jin Fengchen frowned. "Stop kicking up a fuss. You have already disturbed her for the whole day."

"I like Auntie. I want to sleep with Auntie," Xiaobao said stubbornly, tightening his grasp.


Jiang Sese was stunned.

She had the feeling that Xiaobao liked her a lot when he first met her earlier in the day, but she never imagined that he would go as far as to sleep with her.

Noticing Jin Fengchen's displeased expression, she immediately tried to persuade the child. "Xiaobao, it's time for you to return. Otherwise, Grandpa and Grandma will be very worried about you."

"No. I'm going to sleep with Auntie Sese."

Xiaobao raised his head to show his red-rimmed eyes that resembled a rabbit's. Tears welled up in them.

Jiang Sese thought her heart would break into pieces.

How could she bear to drive away such a pitiful child?

All of her persuasion became stuck in her throat. She subconsciously turned to look at Jin Fengchen.

She wondered if he would think that she was trying to be a golddigger if she offered to let the child stay.

Jin Fengchen never thought that Xiaobao would be so clingy with a woman that he had just met.

Even so, he firmly said, "Come home with me!"

He would never let Xiaobao stay with a woman that he had known for less than a day all by himself.

Jiang Sese could understand Jin Fengchen's concerns. She had no choice but to harden her heart and say, "Xiaobao, you can come here in the future if you want to. But there's no place for you to sleep here. Why don't you go home with your father? Hmm?"

Xiaobao shook his head as hard as he could.

Jin Fengchen was not as patient as Jiang Sese was. He took large strides forward and carried Xiaobao. "There should be a limit to your temper. Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because I dote on you."

Xiaobao became choked with emotion after getting berated by his father. He stared at Jin Fengchen with a pair of stubborn eyes, unwilling to compromise.

Jin Fengchen ignored him. He turned his head to address Jiang Sese. "Sorry for disturbing you tonight, Miss Jiang."

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