Chapter 5 Let Me Try

At Furong Park...

Inside a tiny, single-room apartment, an apron-clad Jiang Sese was bustling about in the kitchen, preparing dinner.

The pretty boy was pacing back and forth with a glass of milk in hand, curiously taking in his surroundings. "Is this where you usually live, Auntie?"

"Yes. It's a very small place, and not as luxurious as yours."

Jiang Sese responded without thinking too hard about it. She put the freshly-cut vegetables into a bowl in preparation to cook.

The pretty boy tilted his head to look at her. "Do you live alone?"


"Don't you have any family?"

"I do, but she's not here. I'm usually alone here."

The pretty boy fell silent like he was afraid that he would upset her. He immediately patted her with all the solemnity of a child and comforted her. "Don't be scared. Now that you have me, you won't be alone anymore."

His words tickled Jiang Sese.

"What a… precocious child!"

The more she looked at him, the more she liked him.

"Enough. I'm going to start cooking now. It'll get smoky in here, so go out and wait a while. Dinner will be ready soon."

"All right."

The little guy nodded obediently and walked out of the kitchen. He sat on the sofa, waiting.

Jiang Sese began to get busy.

She would always cook for herself to save money and she had gotten pretty skilled at it.

In less than an hour, three dishes and a bowl of soup were neatly placed on the dining table.

There were seafood, pork chops, and green vegetables. The delicate combination of meat and vegetables smelled, looked, and tasted great. Dinner looked very appetizing.

Even so, Jiang Sese was worried.

After all, this child was the little prince of the Jin family who was used to the finest delicacies the world had to offer. She didn't know if he could eat home-cooked food.

Jiang Sese scooped up a bowl of rice for the pretty boy. "Give it a try. If you don't like it, tell me. I'll take you out for dinner."

The pretty boy nodded. He picked up his spoon and scooped some rice into his mouth. He chewed with strength, so much so that his cheeks were puffing out. It made him look very adorable.

Jiang Sese chuckled. She was about to dig in when she heard someone ringing her doorbell impatiently.

She couldn't help feeling perplexed.

Usually, no one would come to her house. Who could it be?

Confused, she walked over to the door and opened it.

She was face-to-face with a tall figure standing right outside her door.

His handsome face was like that of a finely crafted sculpture of Adonis. His beautiful, thin lips were pressed into a straight line. His facial features were so delicate that a painter would be hard-pressed to capture his beauty on canvas. His eyes, as cold as they were, were as unfathomable as the deep sea at night.

The man's tall and straight body was encased in a well-fitted, sleek suit, making him look very smart. His trouser-clad legs were long, slender, and seductive. His temperament and figure were so perfect that she couldn't find even one thing to nitpick.

It was her first time meeting such an outstanding man.

For a while, she forgot to react.

When she finally recovered her senses after much difficulty, a clanging sound shattered the silence before she could question the man's identity.

Jiang Sese whipped her head around and saw the pretty boy throwing his spoon to the floor with a loud scoff and then running into her room on his short legs.

He then closed the door!

Jin Fengchen: "..."

Jiang Sese: "..."

She was still confused as to what was going on.

While she was wrestling with her doubts, she heard the man slowly say, "Hello. I'm Jin Fengchen, Xiaobao's father."

Jiang Sese was dumbfounded.

She knew someone from the Jin family would come sooner or later, but not Jin Fengchen himself.

Of course, she had heard a thing or two about this man in front of her.

Rumor had it that he was a low-profile and merciless man, a legend in the business world with overwhelming power and esteemed status. Everyone who met him feared him.

His younger brother, Jin Fengyao, was equally as distinguished and handsome. He was similarly famous in the business world.

In the past, people like them wouldn't have anything to do with her.

Who knew that he would personally come to her shabby little home today?

Jiang Sese forced herself to snap out of it. "Hello. You must be here to fetch Xiaobao."

"Yes." Jin Fengchen nodded and took a look inside. "May I come in?"

"Of course." Jiang Sese immediately turned her body sideways.

Jin Fengchen entered her apartment with large strides. Standing inside with his height of over 180 cm, she felt even more keenly how cramped her home was.

He didn't react, but he subconsciously looked around the apartment.

Even though the apartment was small, it was furnished to be warm and inviting. There were even steaming hot plates of food on the dining table. For some reason, he found it all to be… very warm.

He didn't know why such a thought would occur to him.

He had read a report on Jiang Sese before coming here.

He had a basic understanding of her background.

Earlier, he thought that she might have had a purpose in getting close to Xiaobao.

After all, rumor had it that he was never one to entertain women. Xiaobao didn't like unknown women approaching him either. Since Xiaobao liked her, she would more or less want to win him over.

Jiang Sese stood behind him, clueless to his line of thought.

It merely embarrassed her to see Jin Fengchen looking at the dishes on the table.

"All I have is plain tea and simple food. Maybe the Little Master isn't used to them."

Jin Fengchen replied placidly, "He's not that delicate. He eats everything. I have to thank you for taking care of him, Miss Jiang."

Jiang Sese immediately waved her hand. "Not at all. Xiaobao is very obedient. Um… I just don't know what's gotten into him…"

"It's not your fault, Miss Jiang. He's just upset with me. It'll be fine once I tell him to come out."

Jin Fengchen walked over to the bedroom door as he spoke. He knocked on it and then said, "Xiaobao, it's time to go home. Come out."

Xiaobao didn't say a word.

Jin Fengchen seemed to have seen this coming. He patiently said, "You have been sulking for three days. That's quite enough. You're not a three-year-old anymore."

Jiang Sese stood behind him. For some reason, she wanted to laugh at his words.

Xiaobao remained aloof.

Jin Fengchen began to frown and his tone turned colder as well. "Jin Beichen, I'm giving you a minute to come out now. Otherwise, I'm barging in."

There was finally some sound of activity from within the room, but the child still showed no sign of coming out.

Jiang Sese could no longer stand by and watch.

With the father threatening and scaring him, she would be surprised if the child was willing to come out of the room.

She couldn't help suggesting, "Mr. Jin, why don't you… let me try?"
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