Chapter 8 Maybe It Will Be Soon

Jiang Sese was dumbfounded to hear his words. What did he mean by sharing half her bed with him? He surely had no issues casting all courtesy aside.

Was he really Jin Fengchen?

Rumors had it that this man was esteemed and aloof, but only the former seemed to be true. Otherwise, why would he say such things?

Just as she was filled with doubt, Jin Fengchen realized that he said something he shouldn't have. He coughed to cover up his misstep and put on an aloof expression. "Xiaobao hasn't been bathed yet. I might have to trouble you for this."

Jiang Sese came to her senses and replied, "Don't worry about it."

It was only after she had given her reply that she realized the topic had been effortlessly sidestepped. She couldn't help feeling depressed.

However, she wasn't stupid enough to bring up the topic again. She resigned herself to her fate and turned around to find some clothes for Xiaobao.

Jiang Sese's home looked small but it had everything she needed. Even children's clothes filled up an entire cabinet.

Over the past five years, she had prepared those clothes for that child.

Even knowing that she would never see the child in her entire life, she would prepare a few sets of children's clothing every season, every year.

Moreover, Xiaobao and that child were of a similar age. She didn't even have to think about it before grabbing the cow onesie pajamas from the top shelf of the cabinet.

It looked super adorable!

However, she didn't have anything suitable for Jin Fengchen.

He didn't seem to mind either.

20 minutes later, Jiang Sese carried a soft and fragrant Xiaobao out of the washroom. He was dressed in the cow onesie, which fit him surprisingly well. It was as if it had been prepared just for him.

Jin Fengchen looked thoughtful when he noticed that. He looked like he wanted to ask about it.

However, he dropped it before the question could leave his mouth.

Jiang Sese didn't try to explain anything either. They had been acquaintances for less than a day, after all. Even if they were very close, she wasn't willing to talk at length about her past.

Thus, she carried Xiaobao into her room and then found a clean quilt for Jin Fengchen. "You might feel uncomfortable sleeping on the cramped sofa."

"It's all right. Thank you for tonight."

When Jin Fengchen took the quilt from her hands, and his finger accidentally brushed the back of Jiang Sese's hand.

The skin contact startled her and an uneasy expression crept over her face. With flushed cheeks, she hastily withdrew her hand.

Jin Fengchen was still dwelling on the soft, silky sensation of her skin. His eyes darkened ever so imperceptibly as he remained in a daze.

For some reason, a lot of his wariness against Jiang Sese dissolved at this moment.

It was a feeling that he had never experienced in his life.

What a strange, wonderful feeling!

Jiang Sese had no idea what was going on in his mind. She returned to her room to retrieve her nightwear and take a shower.

Everything became a lot more inconvenient with a man in her home.

Fortunately, Jiang Sese was a conservative person and her nightwear was always prim and proper. When she stepped out of her room, she found Jin Fengchen already lying on the couch. His eyes were closed, his breath regular.

He looked asleep.

She sighed in relief and quietly turned off the lights, ready to return to her room.

To her surprise, the man behind her opened his eyes at this moment.

His eyes, as dark as the night, locked on to her figure.

Her lithe body was clad in an unimaginative nightgown with a cartoon print. It was childlike, even a little juvenile. Yet, for some reason, he felt his blood boiling inside him.


Only when the bedroom door closed did Jin Fengchen feel himself calm down. His eyes were colored with disbelief.

He… felt something for a woman that he had known for less than a day!


By the time Jiang Sese woke up the next day, Jin Fengchen was already gone. Only a slip of paper remained on her table, which read: "I must leave to attend to some urgent business. I'm leaving Xiaobao to you. I will personally fetch him tonight. Your loss at work will be compensated."

She was utterly speechless after reading the note. What kind of father would feel comfortable leaving his child in an "unfamiliar" woman's home? Wasn't he scared that she had ulterior motives?

After mocking him in her mind, she fished out her phone and called her manager to request a day off.

She didn't think it would work, as things were hectic at the company.

Little did she imagine that the manager agreed without a second word. "I know. The Jin Group has informed us that you're discussing the details of the celebration with them. Sese, whether or not this project comes to fruition is now all up to you. You need to hold on to this chance tightly. If you pull off this project, you will have a reward of 100,000 yuan waiting for you at the end of the month!"

Jiang Sese was stunned.

"100,000 yuan?"

That was enough to pay for several months of her mother's hospital bill.

She never thought that she would somehow benefit so tremendously thanks to Xiaobao!


Presently, in the president of the Jin Group's office...

Gu Nian was giving Jin Fengchen a rundown of his schedule today. "You have a meeting with the company's C-suite at 9 a.m., a meeting with shareholders at 10 a.m., and a teleconference call with our overseas subsidiary at 11 a.m. In the afternoon, you have a meeting with Chairman Guo of the Asia-Pacific Bank at 2 p.m., and a golf session with Chairman Gao of the Huanqiu Group. At night, Old Master Song has requested your presence at his birthday celebration at 7 p.m."

Jin Fengchen didn't look up from his documents. "I will attend the morning meetings, but send Fengyao in my place for the rest of the day."

Gu Nian was about to acknowledge his request when a surprised yelp rang outside. "Why do I hear a barrage of work attacking me the moment I get here? Brother, this is too crazy, isn't it? I just came back from my business trip! I didn't even get to catch my breath yet!"

The man who had just arrived was the Second Young Master of the Jin family, Jin Fengyao. He was also the Vice President of the Jin Group.

Even though he was somewhat of a flippant and undependable person, he didn't lack in any way in comparison to his older brother. His handsome face, graceful manners, elegant temperament, as well as frequent media appearances as the representative of the Jin Group made countless women fall for him.

He was, by no means, less popular than Jin Fengchen.

His feet had just crossed through the office door when he stopped walking. He looked like he was ready to run away at any moment.

Jin Fengchen looked at him nonchalantly, his gaze as unfeeling as a blade. His tone was so authoritative that it left no room for dissent. "Come in!"

With a miserable groan, Jin Fengyao dragged his feet into the office.

Gu Nian looked at him sympathetically. "Second Young Master," he said in greeting.

Jin Fengyao waved a hand in response. He then handed the document he was holding to his older brother.

He was just here to deliver a document. Who knew he would suffer such a calamity? He couldn't stop himself from attempting to save himself. "Brother, I have an engagement tonight. I don't think I can attend to yours."

Jin Fengchen said icily, "Those women won't leave you even if you ditch them for a day."

"Says who? I worked hard to get the date this time!" Jin Fengyao retorted with confidence.

Jin Fengchen let out a disdainful snort. "I'd rather not have women who just drink and fool around all day. You should just get married. I think Mom and Dad would be overjoyed."

His words frightened Jin Fengyao so much that he took several steps in retreat. "Brother, can you not bring up such a scary topic? I'm a bachelor for life. I don't want to give up my life just for a woman. Look at our old man! Our mom has him right under her thumb! Every time I look at them, I find life to be very dark and miserable."

"You're not young anymore. Mom showed me photos of young ladies from esteemed families a few days ago. I think they're all decent candidates. She should set up a blind date for you with one of them."

Jin Fengchen cast him an emotionless look. His tone was threatening.

Jin Fengyao, looking like he would burst into tears, said indignantly, "How am I old? I'm just 27! Two years younger than you! Why do I have to worry when you're not even married?!"

Suddenly, Jin Fengchen became quiet. Only after a while did he reply, "Maybe… it will be soon."
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