Chapter 758 Bringing You To Meet Someone

Everyone in the room was perceptive enough to know why Fu Jingyun was angry.

All his work-related problems were mere excuses. The main point was that Jiang Sese was absent.

"The sales volume for our liquor company this month is a whole three percentage points less than last month. I want to see results next month. If you can't show me results, you all can pack your things up and go home."

Fu Jingyun tossed the documents in front of him to the middle of the table after he was done. He emanated an aura of gloom and negativity.

After Fu Liquor Industries ended their collaboration with JS Group, their orders naturally fell by half.

Fu Group was not as spectacular as it was before. In contrast, JS Group improved their business by leaps and bounds.

That was why Fu Jingyun was so angry.

He thought that he would gain a foothold over JS Group after the red wine incident, but the truth was the opposite of what he expected.

The dull meeting ended twenty minutes later. Fu Jingyun h
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