Chapter 766 Would You Mind Bringing Me Along

His expression was desolate and filled with despair that Zi Feng could not bear to blame him.

“Thank you, Zi Feng.” Bai Li’s mouth twitched and forced a smile.

If it were not for Zi Feng, he would have died in that alley.

He helped her escape, but now she rescued him. This was really a give-and-take relationship.

Ye Ling did not go far, but was hiding in the dark, watching as Zi Feng took Bai Li away before he led his men away.

Three hours later, Ye Ling had hurried back to JS Group.

In the chairman’s office, he reported everything to Jin Fengchen, down to the finest detail.

Jin Fengchen was sitting in a large office chair, the sleeves of his black dress shirt rolled up to his elbow. His exposed arm muscles were firm and smooth, full of explosive power.

He looked calm, but no one knew what he was thinking.

After listening to Ye Ling’s report, he nodded. His thin lips parted as he said coldly, “Continue to send men to follow up. Make it known that I cannot tolerate Bai Li anymo
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