Chapter 759 Good Days Are Here

She had never felt anything like this before, even with Fu Jingyun’s mother.

Jiang Sese felt sheltered and felt like she had someone to depend on with her presence.

Tiantian, who was in Jin Fengchen’s arms, was a little curious toward who exactly that friendly-looking old lady was.

She leaned closer to Jin Fengchen’s ears and asked in a soft tone, “Daddy, who’s that grandma?”

Jin Fengchen answered in a soft tone after hearing her question, “That is your Grandma. That means she’s your Mommy’s mother. Grandma’s health isn’t doing too well. Do you want to talk to grandma, Tiantian?”

Tiantian was obedient, so she immediately leapt out of Jin Fengchen’s arms.

She waddled toward Fang Xueman and spoke in a childish tone, “Are you my Grandma?”

Fang Xueman wiped tears from the corner of her eyes hearing her voice. She lowered her head to look at Tiantian.

She noticed that chubby, small child in front of her. Her heart melted immediately as she lovingly reached out to her. “Oh, you must
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