Chapter 772 Leaving With A Woman

However, Catalina did not give him the chance. She spat viciously at him, over and over.

She did not expect that she would hit him, and for the reaction to be so quick. Clearly, the drug was very effective.

When the drug entered his airways, Jin Fengchen’s vision began to blur. His body swayed, and he collapsed…

Catalina reached out to catch him, and she could smell Jin Fengchen’s unique musk.

She could not help but take a deep breath; her heart throbbed.

The body in her arms was extremely well-built; he felt very lovely to hold.

Catalina’s heart filled with infatuation. She had wanted to take revenge on Jiang Sese, but she did not expect Jin Fengchen to be such a hunk.

Jin Fengchen’s eyes darkened. Even then, he did not like strangers getting close to him.

He immediately fiercely barked, “Get away!”

He tried his best to keep his eyes open, but the drug’s effect made it hard to see clearly. His entire body and heart rejected this smell.

The man’s voice seemed to car
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Pushpa Wood
I think this book has gone beyond the stupidity! I used to have high opinion of this app but this particular book has changed my opinion. If they producing books like this, they will start to loose readers fast. As I soon as I have used up my pre purchased coins, I am deleting this app for good!!
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Tammy Evans Moore
Fu Jingyun and Catalina’s plan MUST fail!! Sese REMEMBER Fengchen! Gu Nian, go rescue Fengchen!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Gainey
I hate that Fu guy. Seriously have the truth come out and her regain her memories and them live happily ever after. This is getting so old now.

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