Chapter 864 No Way Out

Old Man Fang responded with a chuckle. He then said to Fang Yuchen, “Ah Chen, bring Sese and Fengchen for a tour of the house. I’ll be done soon.”

Jiang Sese and Fang Yuchen nodded in response.

The two children then said goodbye to Old Man Fang at Jin Fengchen’s signal.

They then left the garden, and Fang Yuchen prepared to bring them on a tour of the house.

Fang Yuchen led Jiang Sese and family around the house.

The old Fang residence was called a mansion, but it had the trappings of an old courtyard house.

There was the air of simple antiquity all around.

“The old Fang residence can be called an old house. It’s value is considerable, and Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle know this. If it were not for Grandpa’s constant objections and considered this place his and Grandma’s home, they would have probably sold it.”

As they looked around, Fang Yuchen explained the situation to Jiang Sese.

His voice was full of disapproval.

Grandpa’s health was still good, and Eldest Uncle
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Rose SB
When will Sese learn that Xiaobao is actually the child she gave birth to?

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