Chapter 879 You Do Not Strike A Smiling Face

Leaving the ballroom, Jiang Sese could still hear the chatter of the socialites and debutantes behind her.


To be able to meet a man who loved her the same as before, she was definitely lucky.

Jiang Sese’s eyes were full of happiness that she could not disguise.

She thought of something, and turned to ask Jin Fengchen, “By the way, Fengchen, is it okay for you to just ditch the guests and run like this?”

No matter what, he was the host today. It might be a bit too stubborn of him to just leave just because she was tired.

Jin Fengchen laughed nonchalantly. He gently petted Tiantian who was in his arms as he replied softly, “What could be more important than you?”

Such a simple yet affectionate sentence made Jiang Sese’s heart rate climb. She began to smile slightly.

Even though they had been married so long, Jin Fengchen still gave her the same butterflies as when they started.

All the way home Jiang Sese’s face was full of smiles, all tiredness was wiped from he
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