Chapter 895 Daddy Is The Best

Knowing that Jiang Sese was afraid, Jin Fengchen handed his horse over to the employee.

He then took Jiang Sese’s hand and walked her to her horse, “Come on, Sese. Touch her.”

At Jin Fengchen's instruction, Jiang Sese tried putting her hand on the horse's mane, which felt smoother than she expected.

Responding to her light touch, the horse obediently bowed her head toward her.

Feeling the horse’s emotions, Jiang Sese said in surprise, “Fengchen, is it showing affection toward me?”

“Yes, now try to get close to it and gently pat its back,” Jin Fengchen said softly.

Jiang Sese did so, and the horse did not show any aggressive behavior, this gave Jiang Sese a little more courage.

The feel of the horse's back made her wonder what it would be like to ride on it, but Jiang Sese still shuddered at the thought of it.

She glanced enviously at Xiaobao and Tiantian’s ponies.

‘Would it not be nice if the horse was smaller…’

Jin Fengchen was slowly teaching her bit by bit, whereas Xiaobao
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