Chapter 894 A Beautiful Family

They slept well that night.

The next day, the warm sun lit up the room.

When Jin Fengchen woke, he saw his woman still fast asleep in his arms. He did not dare to move, and he just quietly watched her sleep.

Perhaps his gaze was too intense, because not long after Jiang Sese woke up groggily.

When she opened her eyes she was met with Jin Fengchen’s eyes. Under his warm gaze, Jiang Sese remembered their adventures last night.

She immediately blushed and buried her face in his chest. Her voice was rather whiny as she had just woken up. “When did you wake up?”

“Ten minutes ago.” Jin Fengchen replied with a wide smile.

The both of them lay around for a while more before they washed up and went downstairs.

The Jin family were already seated at the table. Seeing them walk down, Jin Fengyao could not help but remark, “With a beautiful woman by his side, the king will never wake up early again.”

Jin Fengchen gave him a look. “Do you want to handle some things overseas? We’ve
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