Chapter 943 She Has The Jin Family Behind Her

“It really is a shame.”

Shang Ying remembered the scene just before Old Madam Fang passed. Her heart wrenched, her eyes reddening unwittingly.

“At the time, Mom was constantly calling for your name. Ah Teng and I were begging Dad to send people out to look for you, to not let Mom leave with regrets.”

“Dad is like me, we’re equally stubborn,” Fang Xueman said with a bitter smile.

“No.” Shang Ying shook her head. “Even though Dad is stubborn, he loved you the most, ever since you were young. If that were not the case, he would not have been so angry back then.”

At that, Shang Ying suddenly realized that she was bringing up the past again. She quickly changed the topic. “Actually, he agreed to send someone to look for you, but they could not find you… In the end, Mom passed on.”

This incident had become one of the largest regrets of the Fang family.

“I’m sorry.”

Fang Xueman was unsure how to express the regret and guilt she felt in her heart other than with an apology.

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