Chapter 945 Suddenly Fainted


Jiang Sese strode over.

When she heard his voice, Tiantian immediately stopped crying and looked over.

When she saw her, she cried even louder, even sadder now.

“Baby, don’t cry.” Jiang Sese quickly picked her up and kissed her forehead. Her heart hurt so much she teared up.

“You’re finally home.” Madam Jin sighed with relief. She looked at Jin Fengchen, who had just come in. “Tiantian’s been crying all day, and we can’t get her to stop.”

There was no annoyance in her voice, only heartache and worry.

Jin Fengchen walked and touched Tiantian’s forehead. He frowned. “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said that it was flu season. Children’s immune systems aren’t great, so there’s no way for her to recover soon.”

Tiantian was tired from crying and fell asleep in Jiang Sese’s arms. Her little face was still flushed red.

Jiang Sese gently patted her head, her face full of pain.

“Actually, she will get a lot better if she receives a jab,” Madam Jin said.

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