Chapter 944 Whining For Mommy

Fang Yuchen walked into the ward and realized that the mood was not right.

He looked at Fang Cheng, Fang Rui and their families, before looking at Jiang Sese and the others.

When he saw Fang Xueman, his eyes lit up and he strode over.

“Aunty Xueman.” His voice sounded excited.

Fang Xueman was taken aback. “You are…”

Shang Ying hurriedly introduced him. “Third Sister, this is my son, Fang Yuchen.”

“It’s Ah Chen.” Fang Xueman assessed him. The excitement in her expression could not be hidden. “You’ve grown so big.”

When she left home that year, Ah Chen was just a newborn.

It had been so many years and he had grown up so much.

“Aunty Xueman, it’s great that you’re back.” Fang Yuchen was very moved.

Ever since he was young, he had heard a lot about Fang Xueman from his mother. Therefore, despite the fact that it was the first time they had actually met, Fang Yuchen still felt very close to her.

“Thank you, Ah Chen.”

Just as before, only Fang Xueman’s little brother’
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