Alpha King Checkmate

Alpha King Checkmate

By:  Death Wish  Completed
Language: English
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"Run Athena, Run!" the arrogant voice I can hear all over the place. "Or else I devour you. Make you mine. Only Mine. I don't care if you don't love me back. You have no choice. I choose you to be mine!" I run but only the monster voice approaching me. I scream for a help but only his demonic laugh I can hear. Until I stumble. I am about to raise again in my foot but as I lifted my gazed, he was standing in front of me. "I have three words for you. This is only your option. COME WITH ME." @Death Wish Cover is not mine, all respect and praise to the owner. You may also read my other novels: Taming the Dangerous CEO The Devilish Billionaire Fated to Marry the Devil Thank you so much and Enjoy!

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215 Chapters
Moon Phase 1: Do I have a choice?
(EL's POV)I gasped for air while hearing the rustle of leaves. In a blitz, I saw Uncle Rankin charging towards me. The look in his eyes felt like two daggers piercing through me. My body couldn't react quickly enough to dodge his attack. He almost killed me again if he didn't stop.Both of us started laughing. We lied down on the grass; my uncle took his robe while slowly turning back in his human form. His knife-like claws disappearing in his hands, the elongated muzzle replaced by his human face. It still amazes me seeing someone else shapeshifting, even though I've seen it countless times. The sky gets darker, I know that he could also smell the rain about to drop."You can now control not to change your form EL."
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Moon Phase 2: They're still stupid
(EL's POV ) "El, let's start." it seems like he's anger also transpired towards me seeing a pile of books stacked on my desk. I scratched my neck and took a deep breath. "What's the matter? That's too much for you?" I smile at him. "Nah, I can handle it." I folded up my sleeves and started doing the work.The twins were so amazed seeing how fast I was reading the books."Dad, he's cheating!" three more books were added to Seven. "Mind your own business." his father scolded him; I saw regret on Seven's face instantly. I just smile at him. It only took me an hour to finish reading all of the books. Uncle Rankin not surprised, he knows my ability and skills.
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Moon Phase 3: Dr. Albert Curie
(EL) "Our underground cells are almost full Lord Tyros."Instead of killing, we lock up the werewolves who had lost control of themselves. A cure has not yet been discovered for this disease and because of that, the numbers of infected wolves have been rapidly increasing, bringing our race in a brink of extinction. The others fear is the idea what if, the Grand alpha being infected, sooner. No one is capable of containing him in case. He's a beast among beasts and I'm not strong enough to face this monster, yet."When are we able to find the cure? And can we really trust Lupoz?!" Hollered one of the subordinate Alpha. Lupoz is my father’s secretary and he is a vampire. He has turned his back from his race after they executed his family. Now, he serves
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Moon Phase 4: I always get what I want
(Samantha's POV) "Who's going to entertain them?" I looked at the waitresses around, hinting Leneth what my answer was. She lightly tapped my shoulder.Vampires were about to walk at our direction..."This is not my husband's night, it's yours. They came here for your husband's success." leneth whisper. I smiled and scowled at the same time in return. But Leneth pushed me which caused to lose my balance. I suddenly felt cold hands holding me to prevent from falling.A pair of vampire's eyes met my gaze. Eyes which they use to play tricks on the minds of their victims.Many humans fantasize about them. But given their arrogant nature. They'll never lower thei
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Moon Phase 5: I will kill you
(Samantha POV) "I heard you're married just a year ago, and you two have no honeymoon yet. What a shame, you are too beautiful to be left untouched by your husband. It would be my pleasure if I do it for you. You will bear me a child with our blood, consider it my gift for your husband." his words sounded like bees filling my head. I couldn't fully comprehend what he was saying. My body was starting to surrender from the drink. "You hate our kind, let me do something about it. You're about to experience the thrill of your life. I will make you feel something humans are not capable of doing. The kind of pleasure women of your kind desperately seek." His words sent me to the deepest well and completely went unconscious.I tried getting up. Something wrong was happening, something new to me. Whatever it is it's
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Moon Phase 6: Never use others' weakness to your gain
(Dr. Albert Curie) I temporarily stopped my speech when I saw Aiden, the son of Alucard returning to his seat. He is the only pure-blood vampire left after his father was killed by the Grand Alpha during an encounter. Lead by an alpha, wolf packs are strong, they are very difficult to beat especially when they start working together. I've heard rumors that the Grand alpha has enough strength to rip anyone in half with just a single strike. They can also disguise themselves to get closer to their victims, adding stealth to their approach.Our intel about them is still far from enough. We have very little understanding about their behavior. We know that they are also smart in their own rights.Aiden grinned at me and took a seat that was reserved for him. We u
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Moon Phase 7: Run as fast as you can EL! Save yourself, Run!
(EL POV) "Checkmate." he announced, he told me the mistakes I made that resulted to my defeat. "Always have multiple plans reserved. If your first plan didn't go well, you can always have your second or third for backup. Never settle." I nodded and rearranged the set again. I'll be satisfied if I'll be able to win even once against him.I listened to everything he told me and applied it to the game. Execute with precision, anticipate your opponent's attacks, sacrifices are needed, every move count, never settle. That’s how confuse me.  But… "Checkmate." I proudly announced."Nicely done. You learn fast.""I have the best mentor." I told him and made h
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Moon Phase 8: A pack of werewolves surrounded us.
(EL POV) "Kid, nothing can ever take away the grief of my daughter's death. I feel guilty killing those younglings as I know the feeling of loosing someone. Save yourself and prove to us that we are wrong about your kind.""Wenziel!" shouted his fellow vampire. The spear that was aimed at me pierced another vampire instead."I'm sorry Herzog, but this kid needs to prove something to me. I can't let you prevent that from happening." his comrades started to attack him. The old vampire winked at me and started laughing. "I need to finish killing all of them so that no one would know that I'm a traitor of my own kind."He chose to fight on our side.I noticed th
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Moon Phase 9: He lost his big brother, bestfriend, and right-hand man.
(Dr. Albert Curie POV) "Are you Dr. Curie? Are you that foolish man?""Yes, I am Dr. Curie but I'm not a foolish man." he grinned at me."You have created a weapon for the vampires?! You humans really are fools!" snarl one of them. "Maybe to your kind I am. But you forced us to help them. Your people have been attacking us without restraints.""Vampires are just using you! Your species serve them blindly. You will soon regret your creation Dr. Curie."One of the guards started shooting, the wolf anticipated the gunman and rushed to his direction. He pinned him down and disarmed him. His fellow wol
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Moon Phase 10: It's a good game son
(Dr. Albert Curie's POV)They opened the door, werewolves were captured and kept inside cages with huge bars made of silver.The beasts were going wild, they growled and howled in their cages around us."They are restless. They are looking for bloodshed. But Nothing to worry, the cages are completely safe." The alpha said. His adviser, Lupoz, nodded at us."We compiled a document for you to study what caused them to act like this." Lupoz said."You're going to ask us to find a cure for t
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