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(She's just naive)

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(Hospital....same day)

"How is she?" Trevor asked immidately the doctor step.

"She will be fine the wound is not that deep" the doctor replied.

"Thanks goodness can we see her?" He asked further.

"Yes she will be definitely be awake soon"doctor jachinthe smilled and left.

"Do you know what you did just make me hate you more huh?" Trevor faced Enuice.

"I don't care beside I remember warning you earlier and if you don't still make a quick decision maybe I should just report her to dad you know? And he will tell Mr Das" she smirked.

"You are just a devil I even forgot das blood runs in your veins and you think I will be a fool to follow you around like a puppet? Next time you do anything stupid to her I will return in four fold" He said making sure to send shiver down her spine.

"Huh? Seriously Trevor what has gone over you we have liked each other since we are kids what happen now?" She scoffed.

"Were you like this before,you suddenly turn to a devil over night bullying her even before I have anything to do with her and now you are going to the extent of hurting just because I sit with her in class today,you just draw us more closer fool get lost!" he said and walked away to her ward.

"It not over infact it just the beginning continue to draw to her and I will draw life out of her!" She thought and carried her bag living the hospital.

At least I achieve my aim she will know who to mess with I bribe the coordinator of the shoot to make me man earlier for two reason,first I don't want them to shoot together alone and I won't get the opportunity to hurt her like Trevor has been all around her, she thought and enter her car while the driver drives out.

Michael drives in roughly and get down from the car in rush.

He got to the nurse section and ask of her ward he didn't even wait for discribtion before rushing off.

He got a call earlier that she was wounded luckily for him he was just closing when the call came in so he rushed down there.

"Sweetheart" He called immidately he enter the ward.

"Honey" she opened her eyes at the heard of his voice.

"Can't believe this "sweetheart, Honey?, Trevor thought.

"Is it still hurting?" He asked checking on her.

"No it not I'm fine now beside it should a slip" she pout.

"You called this slip? It severe,how did this happen?" He asked facing Trevor who is just noticing was there since he came in.

"It..I just miscalculate my steps" Nora replied before Trevor could.

He raise his brows at her surprizely.

"You should be careful I don't want my princess to be injured again please" he rub her palm.

" I'll go see the doctor stay with her" Micheal said and went out.

"Why did you lie about the incident?" Trevor asked.

"You should go home I will be fine" Nora said.

"Seriously? Is that how to say thank you to someone who rushed you down here?" He question.

"Sorry but I'm not sorry take your leave" she replied and face the other side on the bed.

Trevor signed and still stay.

He should wait till her brother is back before leaving after all he told him to stay with her.


Jachinthe walked into her office and sat down breathing out stress.

Damn I thought I was being kidnapped today fuck that stupid guy.


"Miss becareful!" She heard the most angelic voice she had ever listen to.

Her phone driectly to his side so he caught it for her.

He help her up and gave her back her phone.

"Why were you running like that huh?" He asked.

"Why am I running? Seriously look at the way you are dressed like someone who is dangerous if not that you pull off the hoodies I will have use that stick on your head" Jachinthe breathed out.

"Sorry I was just taking a walk,he replied and her heart flew out of her chest at the heard if his voice again and she started noticing his other features his voice is not angelic only he is hot.

"It's Okay,she stammered.

"Here,he hand over her bag.

"Thanks" she replied and started her walk to her apartment again.

"Your name?" He asked.

She turned back immidately with hidden joy.

"Jachinthe" she replied shortly.

"Hardin" He said.

"Nice name" they both said and chuckled.

"You live around here? He asked as thy both started walking down the road.

"Yes,she replied.

"Okay,he replied.

He walked her home before waving her good bye not without dropping his number though.


She giggled on the chair turning it around picturing his face again.

She brought out the phone and then the number,save it on her phone and kept it back I will just call him later.

She put her phone in her pocket and knock came on her door.

"Come one, she turned the chair around.

Micheal walked in gentle taking the seat opposite her.

"Holy Lord what am I seeing handsome and hot dude today, jachinthe whispered.

Her phone rang at that moment and she jerk back to life.

"Sorry I will just silent the phone,she said and faced Micheal.

"Yeah you are..?

"Malcolm Nora brother the patient that got injured" He replied.

"Oh you must be Malcolm Micheal?" She said and brought out Nora file.

"I guess so, He replied.


(Das investment....)

Hardin send off his secretary which he just screw the shit out of her him and went to his office restroom to clean up.

Few minute later he came back inside his office and sat down.

"I think today work is over I'm hungry and exhausted,he groaned and head out of his office.

His phone rang and he stopped at the office balcony to receive the call.


*Son I have something or rather a work for you?" Mr Das said over the line.

"What that?" He asked with raise brows.

"Come home it's about the Malcolm daughter" he said and hung up.


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