jealousy and hatred


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller


★★★★(Next day at Diamond high.....Writer POV)

A white porche drive inside the school compound with crazy speed no need to be told for the students to know who it is.

Das Enuice

She climb down dressed like a bitch she calls her self.

"Yes I'm a bitch fuck your ass" is her usual language.

She is putting on a bum short which stop leaving part of buttocks below and a net leggies with black zip heels,pink one side hand tank top.

Her phone on her left hand and her million worth bag hanging perfectly on her arms and her car key on the right hand.

She started with taking a slow buy perfect step toward her class behind her is her two friends obviously someone like her the two are both rich kids but can never be like The Das and the Malcolm,NO! NEVER!.

Sophia and Kristen same behavior between the three as they are normally called bird of same feather.

Student part way for them to pass, you dare not part way and see what Enuice is capable of.

The students rush down to take the picture of Trevor as his white SUV drive in,he is the school idol and school king while Eunice is the queen.

*he is cute more this morning.

*If not for Enuice I will make him mine!

*Omg look at his head band it the lastest in town.

* I wish Nora is with him than Enuice.

* Oppa Trevor I love you.

* I will die just be under him.

* His eye ball is something I find myself drowning in.

Everyone believe Enuice and Trevor are both dating but it has never been heard from Trevor that it true or even see him show a heart of love toward her but she's trying her possible best make Trevor hers and she won't stop till she get what she want,it's make it easy as Trevor is the son of the Martinez the Das right hand man.

He walk style in every step he takes one will think he is a angel as his dyed red hair shine brightly on the sun.

Another pink car drives in and Nora walked down gentle as usual her head down and her guitar hang perfectly at her back.

She walked pass all of them including Enuice herself student will part way for her after she is the daughter of the Malcolm and they expect drama as usual.

Trevor walked intensionally to her side making sure they are both walking side by side so that Enuice won't do anything to her.

*my role model Nora!

* I love you Nora!

* Be my girlfriend!

* You are a Angel!

* I love your long gold hair!

"Trevor is trying protecting her" Sophia whispered to Enuice.

"I don't care and for even allowing him to walk beside her is a crime she has to pay for I'm the only girl with such right" she foam in anger.

"Trevor" Enuice walked to him and entangled their hand student went wide and many picture were taken.

"Enuice don't let me break your hand you know what I'm capable of right?" He whispered to her ear and remove his hand and pocket them following behind Nora.

Enuice rolled her eye and smile her friend rush to her side and she went wide.

"He just said he loves me!" She giggled.

The picture of where he whispered to her ear is already on the blog and the most trending.

# tag "He said he loves her!"

Nora, she's a model and a guitarist but a dumb headed quite girl.

All her effort to know something end in nothing,her parents tried all possible best even from her nursery School they have noticed this and tried all series of way with private teachers paying them millions to make her brilliant or a average student but it all end in nothing.

Her parent give up and just make sure she don't repeat a class by using their influence, her father sometimes got anger and called her dumb which has create a space between them but her mother is still always encouraging her coupled with her brother is trying his best that why she's Daimond high after all it a school that help in talent more than learning profession.

Since she's into music and fashion while Enuice on other side is a singer,good in piano,a model and a brilliant student.


Trevor got to his seat and wish she not her seat partner.

He sat down reluctantly and roam his eye finding Nora their eye met and they both look away immediately.

She's sitting alone not because no one want to sit with her but because she said she want no friends.

"Hey don't make me take a step you have someone beautiful than her here" Enuice whispered to his ear.

"Just your breath on my neck felt surfocating to me" He scoffed.

He stood up and started walking toward Nora's seat.

"Hey babe" He bent on the table his face closer to hers.

She shift her face back surprizely with raised brows.

"Here to remind me I'm a dumb headed?" She scoffed.

"Shus!" Don't believe what they say everyone has a role and you are already doing your part by being an Angel" He replied and the girls not far from them wide their mouth wide.

* He just speak those words to her?"

Nora covered his mouth immidately.

He smiled at her reaction and touch her hand while she remove her hand reluctantly.

"Is that supposed to be word of encouragement or a complement?" She face front.

"Both" Trevor said.

"Can you just go back to your seat it's like you came to create problem for me" she tried pushing him away.

"Save yourself the strength I'm sitting with you today" he smirked and sat down beside her.

"Your girlfriend will sent me six feet down with her eyes" she groaned.

"Do you have to bring her up" He scoffed and face the front when the teacher walked in.

Enuice on the other hand have almost explode with jealousy.

"We have a modeling show tonight 7 pm right?" She asked and Kristen nodded her head.

"I always have my way,she will remember not talk with who is mine next time" she smirked and her friend also smilled facing the teacher.

Mr Collins who just enter drop her books table and looked around,she saw the smirked on Enuice face and then Trevor beside Nora and breath out.

"Watch your back" she point at Nora.

Nora place her head on the table while the class laughed.

"Sleep after all you won't gain anything at the end" Enuice said and another round of laughter erupt.

Nora fold her fist under the table Trying to look okay.

Trevor saw that and hold her tight,she looked up at him but he look away.

"Let see how tonight goes, Enuice thought staring at the two not concentrating on the lecture.


Basket ball Court.

"yah! Ulan groaned as she throw the ball back to her.

"I'm gonna faint" jachinthe said.

"Who said she's interested in basket ball?" She add force to the bat.

"We have been playing for two hour baby"Jachinthe let the ball fall and throw the bat away cleaning her sweat with a face towel.

"Just why our day off be same I will have been glad send you oppressing picture of how my day off went" she lay on the floor.

Ulan fall down beside her and the both stare into the sky together.

"This reminds me of our school days" jachinthe said.

"So how is working as a doctor doing you? Ulan asked.

Jachinthe chuckled,"doing me or me doing the profession?"

"Guess you are enjoying it then mine has been something this days I can't believe our department is the one investigating the serial kidnapper" Ulan explained.

"Omg it going to make you be a star overnight if you should apprend him" jachinthe said.

"That if we should catch him remember?,it has not been easy" Ulan replied.

"Don't worry I know you are smart and with Micheal beside you,you don't have to worry" she said.

"I have alot to go through tonight we don't know his next location enough about me what about you?" Ulan said.

"Just normal this days no too much stress I should start going I have night shift" jachinthe sad and stood up.

"Better we go now"they chorus said,they both stood up and started getting dressed to go.

"You won't miss me anymore now" Ulan said.

"I will always do you are my only sweetheart" jachinthe poke her nose and she giggle.

"Never knew you know how to giggles" jachinthe tease.

"Yah!" She rushed after her while she runs away.

They both get to where they Ulan pack her car and breath out.

"Stay safe baby" they both chorus.

"I will just walk down you can go" jachinthe said.

"I know you won't let me give you a ride so I will just give up already"Ulan breath out and walked into her car and wave at her.

Jachinthe take the long narrow road that led to her apartment while Ulan drive down the exspress road her car radio turned on with highest volume singing along with the music.

Jachinthe noticed someone trailing after her some minute later.

She fasten her steps and the steps following her increase his pace too.

She brought out her phone and Dial Ulan line with her heart almost plumbing out of her chest.

"Shit! she's not picking" she groaned.

She keeps dialing and started running.

The guy dressed all black with masked face runs after her.

Ulan on the other hand couldn't hear her phone as ringing because of the volume of what she's listening to coupled with she's singing along.

Jachinthe keeps running and prayed in her heart Ulan will just pick up or turn around trailing her like she always do in the past.

"I can't be kidnapped,No Lord" she whispered and stumbled on something.

She fall flat and her phone fling away from her hand.

(Perfect macko...7pm)

Nora drive down at same time with Enuice and Trevor.

You look beautiful tonight Trevor said to her while she ignore him and walked inside the industry.

"Is she ignoring me right now?" Trevor chuckled and walked in too.

Someone suddenly grab him and pin him on the wall.

"What are doing Enuice? have you gone Nut?" Trevor yelled and push her away from him.

"Introduce me as your girlfriend and safe her ass tonight" she blunt out.

"You are definitely not okay" Trevor said and walked away.

"Don't say I don't tell you" she yelled after him.

"He ignore me and I will ignore him later, Enuice smirked and walked away too.

The show have been going just fine and it was the last shoot for them.

Enuice dressed in a man attire while Nora dressed as her wife.

They hug each other facing each other.

Nora looks at her plainly while Enuice looks at her with smirked.

They change style and Enuice hold her on her waist while she bend over on her arms.

Enuice release her hand from her waist and Nora fall on the glassy floors.

If it's the floor alone it would have been better but her waist went in contact with the pencil mouth of the shoe Enuice is putting on.

"Nora!" Trevor called from where he is sitting and rushed to the stage.

"Oh I'm sorry my hand slip,Enuice faked and bent besides her putting off the shoe.

She wink in pains and unable to stand as the pain she feeling on her waist is unbearable.

Trevor carried her in bridal style.

"Nora are you okay?" Trevor asked but got no reply.

"You will pay for this!" He said to Enuice

He rush her to the hospital because her cloth is already showing signs of blood which means she's bleeding.


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