Lycan King

Lycan King

By:  Ali_M  Completed
Language: English
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"Your mate was the last piece to the puzzle. I sent my men there to kill her while you were busy fighting with the alphas. I knew once she was dead you would be blinded by rage throwing off those sharp scenes of yours, leading you right into my trap. I may not be strong enough to kill you...yet, but this silver box is strong enough to lock you away forever. Maybe the others are okay with bowing down to you, but I bow down to no one! I'm the alpha of alphas!! I'm the new king, I'm the alpha king!" He growls out from the other side of this silver box.I let out a loud roar causing Tim to back away from me covering his ears. "I'm going to kill all of you!!!" I roar out as I start to claw and punch the wall of the silver box, trying to get out.***Betrayed by the wolves. They took everything away from him. His mate, family, and friends. They locked him away inside a silver box to live out the rest of his days. All he wants is to make them pay, but once he's finally get free he's in for a big surprise.

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46 Chapters
Chapter 1
               Blake POV"Blake!!" I hear Tammy scream my name. She busts through the door breathing heavily. Seeing tears staining her face, I'm up from my seat quickly, ready to kill whoever is the cause of this."Timothy got into a fight with some guys. He has lost control go stop them before they kill my brother!!" She screams, breathing heavily, barely able to get her words out."Stay here." I quickly make my way out of the office, closing the door behind me. She's scared that they're going to kill Tim, but it's the wolves who she should be scared for. They are no match for him, and now that he has lost control to the blood moon he is all beast. It will be a blood bath if I don't get to him quickly. Why did these fucking wolves pick the day of the blood moon to pick a fight with Tim?
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Chapter 2
            Blake POV"Wake up!!" I hear Tammy scream out, straddling me as she slightly bounces up and down on my stomach, waking me up. I open my eyes to see her looking down at me smiling. I look over at the clock to see that its 10:30 am."Good morning." She leans down placing a quick kiss on my lips, before getting up off the bed. She walks over to the table and brings over a tray full of food. I sit up looking down at the tray, to see it filled with my favorite breakfast. Pancakes, Bacon, and eggs. "Thanks." I give her a smile as she climbs onto the bed next to me. I cut a piece of the pancakes putting it into my mouth, enjoying the goodness of her cooking."How do you get your pancakes to taste this way?" I ask, putting a strip of the perfectly cooke
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Chapter 3
                       Blake POVWaking up the next morning, I look over to see that Tammy is still asleep. I get out of the bed carefully, not wanting to wake her up. I have to get ready for this meeting. The alphas will be arriving soon.After getting dressed, I make my way through the empty castle to get Tim. As I walk through the castle I look around the empty halls that are normally filled with wolves and children running around. I stop at Tim's room knocking on the door. "Come in" I enter the room to see that he's still in bed."Tim the alphas will be here soon, you need to attend the meet. You have the right to defend your self." I tell him."Will Tammy be attending the meeting?" He asked."No, I didn't wake her she's still asleep."&n
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Chapter 4
70 years later                               Alia POV Hearing my phone ring, I pick it up and look at the screen to see that it's BJ calling, causing a smile to spread across my face. It has been almost a year since we found each other, but I don't get to see him as much as I should and would like to. "Hey," I answer the phone happy to hear from him."Hey, what are you up to?" Just the sound of his voice makes my stomach do flips. I get up and walk to my room door. I look out into the hallway of the packhouse to see my two personal guards that my father makes follow me everywhere standing on both sides of my room door, making sure to keep an eye on me."D
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Chapter 5
                       Alia POV Seeing the doorknob twist I duck down behind the desk, silently cursing myself for taking so long to find those papers. I slightly jump at The lights in the room being turned on. "Come out from where ever you are Alia, you know we can smell you in here right?" I hear a male voice, knowing that voice belongs to my guard Max. I stay behind the desk hoping they would just leave, but I know they aren't.When I thought things couldn't get any worst my phone started to ring. If they were bluffing about knowing that I'm in here, now they know for sure I'm in here. I look at the phone to see who's the idiot calling. I see BJ's name on the screen. He picked a fine time to return my call.
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Chapter 6
              Alia POVOnce we get through the crowd, I see Nate standing face to face with Brad from the shadow moon pack. I see a female standing in between them with her arms stretched out keeping them apart. The shadow moon pack is our neighboring pack. Our packs had a few altercations in the past, so this could get out of hand really fast."What's going on Nate?" Josh stands beside Nate glaring at Brad. Males and females from both packs start to gather around standing behind their future alphas ready for the fight to start."His sister is my mate and I'm not leaving here without her." Nate continues to glare at Brad not taking his eyes off of him."Over my dead body." Brad tried to step forward but is stopped by his sister's hand keeping Nate and Brad apart."I will be happy t
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Chapter 7
                   Alia Pov    "Hello," I say answering the phone."H-he woke up," Max says groaning out. After hearing him say that I'm now fully awake."What wrong!?" I ask, feeling myself beginning to panic."He woke up out of nowhere and he wasn't in any mood to talk." I hear him groaning out in pain."Are you guys okay?" I ask, getting out of bed. "I have a few injuries, but I'll be fine. Lester is in bad shape. I don't know why, but our injuries aren't healing. I manage to stop Lester bleeding, but he needs help." I can hear the panic in his voice. "Just stay there I'm coming now." After I hung up the phone, I see that I have a miss call and text from BJ.
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Chapter 8
                   Alia POV Ryan quickly makes his way over to Donna and my cell unlocking them, letting us out."I know you guys want an explanation for what I did, but I will have to explain later. Right now we need to get out of here. The sun is going down and more vampires will be coming out any minute." He turns around heading back up the stairs. "Take these collars off so we'll be able to protect ourselves." We will not be able to fight with these collars around our necks."You need to keep them on so I can get you two pass the guards posted at the gate." He says."I don't see how keeping these collars around our necks will help get us past the guards." I frown."Just trust me." He says. He will be the last person I trust right now.
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Chapter 9
               Blake POV (Lycan King)My eyes shoot open as I force myself from the sleep. The first thing I see is the ceiling of a house, realizing I'm not inside the silver box. I frown as I quickly get to my feet. I don't know and really don't care how I got out, but they have made a big mistake. I looking around the room seeing no one, but I can smell the wolves in the next room. Going into the next room, I quickly grab the first male throwing him across the room like a rag doll, sending him crashing into the wall. I move quickly to him across the room.Before he has a chance to hit the floor, I sink claws into him, slicing through him like a knife through butter, before letting his body fall limp to the floor.I glare back I see the other male standing there froz
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Chapter 10
                        Blake POVAfter getting all the information I needed for that male, I leave coming back to my land. I make my way back to the prison going into the torture cell. I make my way over to the chained up alpha and start to place blows after blow to his face and body, enjoying to sound of his bones breaking and his groans of pain.After giving him a good long beating, I stand here looking at his bloody and broken body. I'm going to do this to all of them, and once they have healed I'm going to break them over and over again until I decide to kill them. I leave out the prison heading to the castle to find Tim.I walk through the front door and the scent of food hits me. It feels like seventy years of hunger
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