Our Blank Canvas

Our Blank Canvas

By:  Oohlasophie  Completed
Language: English
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Book two. Please read “Our Young Funny Voices” before “Our Blank Canvas”. Exactly one year ago, Vasilisa Krovopuskova left her life in Siberia, Russia behind to pursue a serious relationship with her American girlfriend, Francine Chirilova. Aside from the unwavering love Vasha feels for her lover, the emptiness of not belonging begins to wear on their relationship. With only Francine and their tight knit group of friends to rely on for comfort, a shocking message on Vasilisa’s VK social media account may bring her back to Russia on a temporary basis. Francine struggles to help Vasilisa overcome her insecurities, but they aren’t the only ones having a hard time. With Navy-woman Brody deploying on a two year long assignment, she’s not sure if holding onto what she has with Liza will bring them closer, or destroy everything. Only time will tell. The “more put together” couple of them all, Charlotte and Olivia, face a difficult situation after a drunken mistake brings back a toxic EX girlfriend from Charlotte’s past, and she’s not leaving without a fight. As Francine fights to keep everyone together, she continues battling Anorexia in secret. We’re all free to make our own choices, but we aren’t free from the consequences of those choices. 18 + Strong mature content All Rights Reserved (you know how it goes) Please don't attempt to steal any part of my work.

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Hello everyone! If you’ve reached the end of “Our Blank Canvas,” I just want to let you know I’ve decided to stop the series, as I was in a different place in my life at the time I planned for a third. I no longer feel the inspiration. Thank you for understanding, and I hope you’ll leave a review!
2022-06-01 05:04:58
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Akashia Grei
A good story of forgiveness, acceptance and Love to have a happy relationship even for a simple friendship to romantic Love... this so inspiring to learn and think about the Life we always to endure!
2021-04-10 18:48:45
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I love this book
2020-09-14 21:58:28
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Sky Hart
Where can I find book 1? I couldn’t find it on the app. I’ve really enjoyed your other stories and would like to read the first book first!
2020-09-06 05:23:17
42 Chapters
Prologue/Chapter One:
PrologueI hadn’t been to Church in many years. Not since I still lived at the Children’s home, and even then we only attended every so often since we had someone come pray with us locally. Staring up at the white and gold Cathedrial covered in snow, I only hesitated for a second before heading inside.I let my hand trace along the faded pews as I slowly walked to the front of the stage. The smell of old wood and spice sent chills down my spine, and it only got stronger the more I walked. Elegant paintings of Jesus surrounded me from every wall, but I focused on the one a mere few feet away as I knelt down. I studied his sad face with a slight frown, and allowed the emotions to come. I felt helpless, frustrated. Angry. Despite growing up as Christian Orthodox, that feeling of Religious peace has never touched me.I was flying back to Arizona tomorrow, and I didn’t even know if I’d have anything to go bac
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Chapter Two:
The buzzing in my ears got louder and louder as I stared at Evgeniya’s message. There’s no memory, but she seems so familiar to me anyway.She should, she’s your....No. She doesn’t deserve the title. When has this woman ever been a mother to you? Maybe she held a bottle to your lips after changing your name on official birth documents, so dad couldn’t find you. Perhaps she put you in a clean pair of clothing right before dumping you at the children’s home...but anyone could’ve done those things. Surely she understands that doesn’t make her a mom?“Detka, do you want me to stay with you? I can call Joey and let him know I’ll be late.” Francine whispered into my ear, and I let my shoulders drop. Yes. I wanted her to remain here with me...but I needed to do this alone. Her life shouldn’t be disturbed anymore than it already has been. She’s held my hand ever sin
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Chapter Three:
I hated to do it, but I pushed the guilt aside and called my dad to ask if we could Skype. Francine wouldn’t be home for several more hours, and I needed to talk to someone about what just happened. Everything I worked so hard to bury was coming for me, and I couldn’t handle the onslaught of emotions alone.He picked up after the third ring. “I’m not bothering you, am I?” I mumbled an apology. Since we have daylight now in Arizona, my father is experiencing nightfall in Russia. I hoped I didn’t wake him.“Nonsense, Vasilisa. Hearing from you is always a pleasure. Give me a few minutes and we’ll talk over video.” Dad didn’t sound sleepy, which made me wonder if I was pulling him away from his work. He wouldn’t tell me if I was anyway, that’s just the way he is.“Very well. I’ll wait.” I disconnected the line and went to pour myself my third cup of coffee. The spoon clicked a
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Chapter Four:
I felt so tired after hanging up with my dad. Emotionally. Confusion clouded my judgement, and I made a solid decision not to think about it anymore until I had the chance to bring Francine up to speed on everything. Leaving my laptop in the room, I went to lay on the couch and wait for my girlfriend to call me during her first break. The second my head hit the decorative pillow, my eyes became heavy. I tried to fight it, but I got so comfortable.Maybe I’ll rest my eyes for just a minute....BUZZ! BUZZ!A strong vibrating sensation jolted me awake from where I’d been sleeping on the couch. The living room was almost pitch black, letting me know I’d been asleep for several hours. I felt my phone continue to buzz from somewhere underneath the heavy cushions and I blinked sleepily, slapping my hand at the surface and digging in the crevices until I found it.“Hello?” I answered without checkin
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Chapter Five:
“I need some air. Wanna join me?” Francine traced a single finger along my thigh, and I clasped my hand around her tiny fingers with a reassuring smile.“No, detka. I’ll wait here for you.”“You’re sure?” She leaned in to kiss my cheek softly, and I took a moment to really appreciate the beautiful woman I’d fallen in love with almost two years ago. Francine could be impulsive and emotional. She cried during every sad movie ever and couldn’t always handle my blunt personality. We fought like crazy sometimes too, but I wouldn’t trade my life with her for anyone else.“Brody and Liza...they’re outside.” I hitched my chin toward the sliding glass door leading to Olivia and Charlotte’s patio, making Francine turn to look. “You’re really close to them. They need you. Go. I’ll be fine here.” I brought her fingers to my lips, and she nodded.“Yo
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Chapter Six:
“Hey Russki. Can’t sleep?”Damn. I turned from where I’d been scavenging in my refrigerator to find Brody rubbing her eyes groggily. The white and grey baseball style shirt she wore rode up a little bit as she approached me in a state of mild confusion. I clutched my prize, a leftover baked potato from last night’s dinner in my hand, and closed the door softly. Once again, we were bathed in darkness.“I’m not tired. Smoke?” I brought my closed index and middle fingers to my lips to further illustrate the question. Brody nodded and stepped aside so I could lead us to the small back patio. I love hand signals. They help out so much.“Use mine.” Brody shoved a pack of Marlboro Red cigarettes into my free hand and flicked the patio light on. Francine can’t stand my smoking habit, and we’ve argued many times over it. I started young, at thirteen years old, and have never found th
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Chapter Seven:
Two weeks laterA couple of weeks passed us by faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Regaining entry into Russia was easier than I thought, and I purchased my ticket post haste. I began preparing myself for the questions any officials were bound to ask me. They’d see my Asylum Visa and probably figure out my business in the United States pretty fast. One thing I’ll always be grateful to my time on the streets is this; It taught me the ability to act tough even when I’m shaking on the inside. I’ve had to defend everything I owned and believed in my entire life, it was second nature to me at this point.“Detka, did you want to bring an extra pair of boots?” Francine was helping me pack, and we already filled two large suitcases with enough clothing to last a month at least. The thing is, I need options. Style is very important to me, I can’t wear the same thing twice during my trip. I’ve notic
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Chapter Eight:
“Here? You’re sure about-““I just need to get it over with, Vasha.”I watched helplessly as Olivia wrote a furious text to who I’m assuming was Charlotte when Brody suddenly appeared beside us in our secluded corner. Her brow was furrowed with worry, and I sat up straight.“Charlotte’s here....I didn’t tell her to leave, but you have to get this shit under wraps-““I’m not the type to start a scene and you know it, Nicole.” Olivia hissed, clearly on edge. What’s more, she used Brody’s legal name. I sensed a heated exchange coming on and quickly went to stand between them.“Easy.” I coaxed, eyeing them both sternly. Brody took a step forward, narrowing her light hazel eyes at Olivia. Becoming eye level with her chest made me back away slightly.“I know you’re having a tough time right now, but this is my going away party. You&rsq
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Chapter Nine:
Goodbyes have always been difficult for me. The sad truth is even if it’s only temporary, a million things could happen before we have the chance to be reunited with our loved ones again. I’d prefer to stay in one spot, or travel cautiously with Francine. In fact, I’d never ventured outside of Russia before meeting my American life partner on that queer website almost two years ago. I always hoped Russia would accept gay rights in my lifetime, but it was a foolish wish. After living so freely in the United States, it angered me to have to return to the shadows temporarily. I found it strangely ironic how I was going back to Siberia now for answers I wasn’t sure I really wanted...but I suppose the unknown scares me more than goodbyes, or temporary loss of total freedom.I reminded Francine of that as she cried in my arms late last night, and again before kissing her sleepy expression on my way out to the taxi cab. She offered to take me to the airport,
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Chapter Ten:
Liza’s Point of View:The way Francine was looking at me just made things worse. Of course she was confused, because I didn’t tell her what happened after Brody and I went back to my apartment last night. Dropping a bomb like “hey, someone just broke up with me” isn’t something you can just sweep under the rug though, so like it or not I had to give her the full details.And trust me, I didn’t like it. I just didn’t know where else to go."Come inside, dude.” Francine wrapped the thin white robe she was wearing around herself and ushered me in before closing the door behind us. “Tea or coffee. Which do you prefer?” I watched her pad toward the kitchen sleepily and took a seat on one of her barstools.“Got any vanilla creamer?” She knew it was my favorite.“You’re in luck, because I just stocked up a few days ago.” Fr
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