No One's Luna

No One's Luna

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This is the completed 1st book. Ellie is the top female warrior of her pack and a tomboy. She also happens to be the most beautiful she-wolf with golden blonde hair and emerald green eyes. When she has more than wolf fighting to claim her as his, will she listen to her heart, the mate bond, or her head? One thing is for sure. Ellie belongs to no one. Book 2 The Rogue's Winter Revenge is also a complete book and can be found on Good Novel!

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44 Chapters
I lose control of myself as I make my way over to where he stands. I finally stop when our bodies are almost touching. He puts one hand carefully on the back of my neck, the other around my waist, pulling me closer with need. Sparks fly through me, and I am weak at the knees already. I can’t react as I just stand there in his arms, questioning reality. He leans down until his lips are barely touching mine, and I moan into his mouth, wanting more. His lips quiver and his fiery breath sends chills down to where I begin to throb. His eyes flash black and quickly back, like he is battling his wolf for dominance. My own breaths become shallow and I close my eyes to keep from getting dizzy. Before he can kiss me, we hear the toilet flush from the bathroom behind us. Colin gasps and pushes me away from him while furrowing his eyebrows and shaking his head. Leia whimpers loudly in my head at the loss of contact with our mate, as I let my own out. I take a few steps back to regain my balance
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Chapter 1
Five Days EarlierI am sitting in my chair finishing my homework. Having a single room is great, but sometimes, like tonight, it’s lonely. I’m glad I got to move into the pack house, but I miss being at home with mom and dad. My name is Elenor Charlotte Miner, but most people just call me Ellie. I am seventeen years old, a senior in high school, and I am a werewolf. I am a pretty typical teenage girl, except for my healing abilities and strength. I live in northern Ohio with my pack, the Seneca-Cayuga Pack. We don’t go all crazed at full moons, but we can shift into wolves whenever we want to. I am five foot six with golden blonde hair that goes to the bottom of my breast, and emerald green eyes. I have legs for days and a killer ass, if I say so myself. My breasts aren’t that shabby either. They are full C cups, and if I showed them off, I would probably get some stares. I don’t show any of my body off though, therefore no stares. My father, Adam, is the top warrior of our pack,
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Chapter 2
I wake up late, again. It is Tuesday, so I have training before school. Colin obviously will be there, and I can guarantee Victoria will be in the stands watching him. I wish I could walk up to him and claim him in front of everyone right here and now. Three days. I must wait another three days to find out what is going to happen between us. I get to the field as everyone is finishing their last lap around the track. I sigh in relief because I dread running. I spot my dad in his all-blue tracksuit, which is so embarrassing. I swear he does it to humiliate me. He’s an attractive guy, and obviously in great shape, but dresses like he’s from a boy band in the 90s. “Nice of you to join us, Elenor!” I HATE when he calls me by my entire name, and I equally hate that as the top warrior, my father is the trainer. He has never let me slack off, because it would look bad for him. “Sorry dad, I couldn’t find my shoes, so I had to borrow some from Heather.” I blurt the first excuse I could
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Chapter 3
The past three days have agonizingly gone by. I have most of my classes with Colin and it has been extremely awkward. For me at least. I swear he knows or senses something because he has looked back at me at least a few times each class. It may be because I keep looking at him. I have been day dreaming about him and I being together a lot the past couple days. I can sense Leia clawing at my head trying to claim her mate. I wish I could just tell him now, but it's frowned upon in our culture to ruin the moment of realization for your mate. Today is Friday, the homecoming game and the day that Colin turns seventeen. The day that he finds out we are mates. My stomach has been doing backflips all morning. There is no way I’m getting through the day without puking multiple times. Tomorrow is the homecoming dance and I have my dress and shoes waiting. My mother bribed and forced me to go shopping with her to get a dress which I don’t typically wear for anything but special occasions
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Chapter 4
I wake up half dazed to Leia yelling at me. “Wake up Ellie! We have a mate to watch get sweaty tonight!” “Gross! You know I can sense your arousal, right?” “You know I can sense yours too, right?” Yep, we are practically twins. I grunt and roll my eyes before getting off the bed and heading to my closet to figure out what I will wear tonight. It's kind of a big night, so I should at least try to put some effort into my look. I still don't care enough to not have my signature pony, but I do however care enough to wear some cut off denim shorts and a tight white t shirt with our school’s colors. I also am wearing some neutral makeup with Luke’s number on my cheek. I am his number one fan, after all. It's my job as his best friend to cheer him on. I walk over to the stadium and purchase my ticket. Amber and Heather are at the mall picking out dresses and accessories for tomorrow. They couldn’t care less about football, so it's not a surprise they didn't come. Since they are no
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Chapter 5
I fling open the door right as the person on the other side is about to pound on it again and they end up punching me in the nose. “What the actual fuck Luke, seriously! What is your problem!” I start rubbing my nose aggressively and his eyes go wide. “OMG Ellie I am SO sorry!” He says as he starts busting out laughing, realizing what just happened. Luke pulls me into his muscular arms and shushes me. He knows I can’t stay mad at him while he’s hugging me. “Ok, let go of me, you big goof,” I try to claw my way out of his arms until he finally lets me go. When I am finally on my two feet, I stomp my foot and cross my arms like a toddler. “What happened to you last night? I scored a touchdown right before halftime. I wanted to talk to you after my parents walked me across the field, but you were nowhere to be found. After the game I would have called you but my dad took away my phone yesterday morning for texting you during the meetings.” He's seems worried, but also upset wit
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Chapter 6
“Oh, my Goddess, Ellie Miner is that you?! Honey you are a sight!" Luna Amara takes my hand over my head and twirls me around a couple of times, before bringing me in for a hug. I laugh and return the hug. "These teenage wolves will be drooling all over you tonight!" She let's go of me and faces Luke with a stern expression, but is obviously being silly. "Luke, you better keep your eye on your best friend at the dance tonight, or she'll be swept away!” She winks at Luke and he blushes instantly. "Yes Luna, you have my word." He bows to her and she playfully pats his shoulder. "Good to hear it." She chuckles out. There are quite a few low growls from the girls behind us, which just makes me laugh to myself, and shake my head. “Thank you, Luna Amara! I can't take any credit for it though; this was all my mother’s doing.” I roll my eyes slightly, because I am sure she knows all about it already. “Yes, I assumed so. Scarlett has always been a beauty queen herself. She
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Chapter 7
When we make it to the dance and get inside, I am relieved to find out that Luke and I are not at the same table as Colin and Victoria. Amber and Heather are there waiting for us and I am so happy to see them. They came to the dance with each other as usual and squeal when they see me. "Dang Ellie! look at you!" Amber yells as she rushes to hug me. "You look so amazing, it's nice to see you all dressed up!" Heather just smiles and I hug her while rolling my eyes. If anyone can take my mind off of Colin for a little while, it's these two girls. When we sit down, the dinner plates are already there and we start eating. I wasn't really lying earlier, I am starving. The pack cooks are always on point with their food for special occasions, and tonight is no exception. The girls grab my arms while I am still eating when one of our favorite songs comes on. It’s an oldie, but we LOVE IT! I laugh as I run out there with them ready to shake my ass. I may be a tomboy, but I know how t
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Chapter 8
When I come back into the cafeteria I walk straight to the table and grab Luke by the tie pulling him to the dance floor. We’ve danced before and have kissed a few times after a couple drinks, so it’s not like if I did that tonight it would be odd. I just hope he forgives me for using him to make Colin jealous. Another old school song comes on that was hand-picked by the Moon Goddess herself just for this occasion. It’s a song that is pretty much made for grinding. I turn so that my ass is against Luke’s crotch and grab his hands, placing them on my hips. I place my own hands on my thighs to steady myself and start to grind. I tilt my head to the side showing Luke my bare neck. I make eye contact with Colin who just made his way back to Victoria with drinks. I smirk at him while I lightly brush my hand against my neck. As werewolves our necks are super important. They are either a sign of submission to an Alpha, or where your mark goes from your mate. So, me showing Luke my neck
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Chapter 9
I try opening my eyes but the instant throbbing tells me that not only did I drink too much moonshine last night, but today is going to be rough. I make my way slowly to the window and close the curtains. I zombie my way back to the bed and fall face first onto the mattress groaning into my pillow. The memories of last night start flooding back and I hear Leia whimper in my head again while I just want to cry. This time her whimpers hurt my head. Why did I drink so much? Ugh. Wait! How did I get home?! I jolt out of my bed and grab my phone. I have a bunch of missed calls and texts from Luke, Amber, Heather and my mom. Shit, how did I get home. I try to reach out to Leia, but she doesn’t answer. I think she is still so hurt by what Colin did. I am too, but I think he took me home. I am almost positive he did, but he’s not in my room so maybe he didn’t. Or maybe he did but just dropped me at my room and went to his on the other side of the pack house. I decide to go through my
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