(Free Book): The Bad Boy's Crazy Crush

(Free Book): The Bad Boy's Crazy Crush

By:  Gift Odulesi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bella is only a high school teenager that doesn't care about anything or anybody. Having a crush on the school's bad boy, Brad Grego, might very well put her in more trouble than she already is. READ ON TO ENJOY THE AWESOME-FILLED ROMANCE NOVEL. I HOPE YOU LOVE IT!

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7 Chapters
One: Truth or Dare
Bella Thompson "You like that dude, don't you?" Freya Hunter, my very dumb and only best friend smirked, wriggling her eyebrows at me as she playfully nudged my shoulder. Read more
Two: What's the big deal?
(Not edited) "Go, Bella! Go, Bella! Woohoo!" The stupid set of students behind me kept chanting my name while I kissed Brad, sucking every air out of him.  Read more
Three: Constant Fight
(Not edited) I stared at the students around us. Some of them already had their phones out. Why? To watch Brad break my bones? I rolled my eyes at them. Read more
Four: I Don't Care
(Not Edited) Even in the dark night light, his black curly hair still glistened adorably and his skin was beyond mouth-watering. Read more
Five: Waitress
After Freya and Sam left for their respective houses, I decided to return home then wore a yellow crop top and high-waist jeans trouser with a big jacket.  I was headed to work. I worked at different places at once, part-time. So, today I had to work at the restaurant which I worked in for three days in a week.  

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Six: Shocked
(Not Edited) "Cousin?" I asked Freya once more. Sam had excused herself to hang out with some dude. We were definitely not going to have a proper talk with her this night, that was for sure. 

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Seven: Why Are You In The Ladies'Restroom
"Brad?!" My eyes widened. He immediately took the earphones off. "Why are you in the ladies restroom?" "Excuse me, what?" Brad's forehead furrowed. "What do you mean by the ladies' restroom? This is obviously for Men." His frown became more intense.  "Ar-are you ki–kidding me?" I stuttered, feeling confused. Oh no, I didn't remember to check whether or not it was the Men restroom or ladies' I had entered.  I gulped audibly and placed my hands behind me, touching my bare skin with my cold hands.  Brad eyed me with irritation lingering in his Chestnut eyes and started walking away but I held him back by gripping onto his… suit coat? Why was he dressed so formally? I only noticed that. 
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