Tin Lion

Tin Lion

By:  Jinna Dennis  Ongoing
Language: English
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A CEO discovers he has been targeted and hires a Private Detective to help unravel the mystery. Together, they find the criminal, survive numerous life or death situations, fight corporate espionage, and learn about true love. This is a MxM story with mystery, action, and seduction.

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30 chapters
1 The Tin Lion
  A/N- Warning: sexual situations BROADCAST: Pinnacle Electronics held a press conference today about the alleged instillation of  a new CEO. Leo Shin has been the CEO for 8 years., and sources stated that his seat would be dismantled by members of the board. These allegations have proven to be wrong and Mr. Shin will remain in his seat as reigning CEO. More on this story at 10. Presidential Suite at the Lincoln Beta Hotel- "I will be damned if those old bastards will try and unseat me!" A vase shatters against the wall of the bar.  Leo Shin stands across the room and sweeps the magazines off the table. His computer goes flying across the room along with three bottles of wine and glasses. The shattering sound of breaking glass mingles with the sound of the door swinging wide and foot steps running into the room. Mr. Shin's assistant, Carter Moxley stops and watches as his boss rages. He knew tod
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2 Privacy Issues
The door opened to KK Private Detective Agency and a gorgeous, slender man turned to look at the person walking in. Kaden Kirby walked over, holding his hand to the new client. "Are you Mr. Stienman?" The slightly older man nods his head and Kaden Kirby (KK) motions for him to sit down. KK moves around to his chair behind the bulky wooden desk and sits. He rummages through a pile of files and pulls one out marked SHOTEN, M. "I believe when we spoke last, Mr. Stienman, you wanted to find out if this woman was meeting with someone other than your CEO. Is that still the case?" "Yes. I believe she is meeting someone to sell information related to some of the new technology we are creating. It is all supposed to be secret knowledge but her father is on the BOD and he recently tried to depose our CEO." KK nods and opens the file, flipping through some pages. Inside are a few photos which seem to be scanned images, Kaden pulls some of them out and ha
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3 Den of Lies
5 pm rolls around and Leo stands at the entrance of Fukowsky's.  The upscale restaurant was one of those that had to have reservations 4 months in advance. He hated eating at fancy restaurants but he needed to check on the things Mage was doing to ruin his reputation and status. He watched as Mage's driver pulls the white limo up to the door. Leo didn't know why she insisted on drawing such attention to herself. Leo steps up to the limo and opens the door. Long legs, with 5 inch stilettoes, exit first. As Mage exits the car, her tall, lithe form comes fully into view. The red dress accentuates her slim body and sharp collar bones. She places her hand in Leo's as he offers it and stands next to him. "I missed you. You have no idea how bland my days have been while you have been busy." "I know, I shouldn't leave a princess on her own for too long. She might find another prince to please her." "There would never be another prince lik
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4 Team Building
Kaden Kirby stepped off the curb and walked across with all the other people crossing the street. His dark hair cast a blue tint as the sun shown down. Arriving at the other side of the busy street, he leans against the glass windows of an office building. A white limo pulls up across the street and he begins taking photos of Mage and her father as they exit the car. An unknown man stands to the side, extending his hand as Mage's father steps close. They shake hands and Mage looks around as if she doesn't want to be seen. The three of them walk into a building and disappear from site. KK pushes his camera inside the black bag at his side and pulls out a phone. He dials Mr. Stienman's number and listens as it rings. Carter answers from his seat behind the wheel of the Mercedes. "Mr. Kirby, what do I owe the honor?" "I wanted to let you know, Miss Shoten, her father and an unknown male are meeting at the Fry Building as we speak." "I und
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5 Tendencies
Carter stares as his boss smirks and steps away from KK leaned back on the bench. Carter was well aware of his boss's tendencies but at this moment was just fearful that KK would become a target for his anger. KK sat up on the chair, his hand clenching the bag strap, his fingers white.Leo smirks and starts to walk back to the car. "Let me know if you really want to help."Carter looks at KK, then at Leo and follows his boss. KK sits staring after the CEO. His back as intimidating as the front.Carter and Leo climb in the car, Carter stashing the photos with the other evidence they are gathering. He turns to look at Leo who still has a smirk on his face. Leo looks at Carter and begins laughing."Boss, what did you ask him to do? He looked scared." Leo laughs even harder and nods for Carter to drive."He won't do it so It doesn't matter. The look on his face though...the best ever!"Carter starts driving while his boss tries to catch his brea
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6 Partners
KK stood at his desk, staring down at the photo of Leo leaning over him.  His request for help was never expected. He was seriously trying to decide what he should do. This was a big deal if he took it and he would come out of it with benefits. He picked up his phone to make a call. Carter lifted the phone to his ear, answering. He was surprised to hear the voice on the other side of the line. "Mr. Kirby, to what do we owe the honor?" KK took a deep breath. "I would like to talk to Mr. Shin about his proposal. Can I come to his office?"  Carter was silent for a minute. The poor kid was thinking about accepting Leo's offer to help. "Mr. Kirby, are you 100% sure about this? I mean if Mr. Shin has made you uncomfort..." KK chuckled. "No, I am not uncomfortable. I think this might be a good collaboration. We both have our strengths and will be good as partners." Carter was now confused but he flipped through the appointment book  in
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7 Let's Make a Deal
KK sat next to Leo in the back of the car, watching him carefully. KK had been in this position with a broken hand but he barely remembered the pain, it happened so long ago. His eyes scanned over the man next to him. Everything about him exuded power, demanding respect without even trying. He had been hired to help find the people plotting against him, but KK guessed there may be more happening that he hadn't been told yet. Leo took deep breathes trying to control the pain. He perdicted he had broken the top of his hand and a few fingers. He was so angry about the project. A multi billion dollar investment had been stolen under his nose and would be a part of trying to take him down. He wasn't sure how it would happen but he would be damned if he let them get away with it. Leo closed his eyes, the pain causing him to feel dizzy and nauseous. He wavered, beginning to loose consciousness. KK saw the instant change and caught him as he fell sideways in the car.
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8 Theft of Property
Carter sat in the VIP room while Leo is wheeled back to surgery. His hand was badly damaged and needed a few screws and plates. There would be a lot of recovery and rehab for this momentary temper tantrum of his. Carter was trying to find evidence of the theft of property by Mr. Shoten and what, if anything, he was doing with the prototype. Thankfully, Leo had a few people he could really trust and with KK's help, the process was going smoothly so far. Together, they had precured a copy of the signature-signed and received receipt and an affidavit from the prototype company, and the delivery person, stating that it was indeed shipped and signed for by Mr. Shoten. KK even went as far as breaking his own rule, of not doing anything illegal, and hacked footage from CCV cameras showing the prototype delivery. KK had been up all night working to find evidence after Carter called him. Leo hadn't given him the news and he had to find out what caused the inciting inc
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9 Protective Mode Activated
KK did a last check of the hall before he closed the door. He hoped the security guard would keep the man from entering. As he turned around, Carter sat on the couch and Leo was staring at him, his eyebrows lifted.  KK turned and smiled. "Hi, I am back. How are you feeling?" Leo stared at him. The look made KK turn to Carter for answers. "He's drugged." KK started laughing as he walked across the room. Leo followed him with his eyes, his head following a second later, the action making him look like he had a bad internet connection. ( loading.....) Carter laughed as well. "Yea, he has no clue right now. The doctor said there was some nerve damage so, the pain would be bad. I told them to keep him animated." KK sat down next to Carter and handed him the photo he made of the man following him. "Apparently, I have garnered some attention. Shoten also has armed guards following him. I can't figure out what he's up to though."
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10 One on One
Carter drove towards the company. The black car had pulled out when he left the hospital and was currently following him. He dialed Flynn. "Carter, twice in one day." "Flynn, I have a problem." Flynn sat up in the seat, he was riding in, and paid close attention. "Carter, what's wrong? Details...I am still 10 minutes away." Carter switched lanes but the car continued to stay behind him. "He's following me. I can't let them get the evidence I have." "Tell me where you are right now. " He motioned for his driver to speed up. "I can meet you on the road. Carter, tell me... you're scaring me." "Flynn, I am in Leo's black Mercedes. The car behind me is a black Audi, tag #36FH713. The man driving has on a black hat and shades. I can't shake him in traffic. I am heading towards the company but..." Carter's voice cuts off and tires screech. Flynn grows extremely concerned and begins shouting into the pho
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