His To Claim

His To Claim

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The prophecy was that whoever will mate Sabrina, would emerge as the most powerful man in the universe. She was a direct descendent of the moon goddess. A blessing for wolves to overpower the dragons. Sabrina was 8 when she got promised to the future Alpha King. She had accepted her fate, believing she had no mate. Years passed and as decided, the Alpha king sent a group of people to bring her to the kingdom when she turned 18. But life throws her a curveball when she finds her mate in that group. What's worse, he fails to recognize her as he is wolfless. Her mate is devotedly loyal to his younger brother and the future Alpha King. Sabrina has only 7 days to make him believe that she is his mate as on the 8th day she would be mated to the future Alpha King. Would she be able to convince him that she is his to claim before the Alpha King stakes his claim on her and unleash bloodshed on dragons?

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15 chapters
 This world is shared by magical beings. There is a hierarchy in place.         First comes the dragon who rules the sky. Their power cannot be contested. Their ability to soar high in the sky and breathe fire is what put them on the top of the pyramid. They are boastful creatures who never hold back from flaunting their power when the need arises. Numerous battles had been fought between earth and sky dweller and each time dragons emerged victoriously. Then come the Vampire and Werewolves. Both of them have an insatiable hunger for power. They both want to rule the earth and so are always at each other's throats. The war is ongoing for the last two centuries. Efforts were made to put a peace treaty in place but that was never followed. Their hatred for each
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His Amber Eyes
Her heart stopped when she saw him. The world she had grown up admiring suddenly lost its appeal when her eyes fell on the man who was her mate. The first thing about him that arrested her attention was his amber eyes. They were not looking at her and even then she reckoned the intensity they held. There was no mistaking the ferocity they carried. She was already lost. Butterflies burst in her stomach as she took in his well-chiseled face. He was handsome with his Raven hair that was swept back into a bun. Thick dark eyebrows, adding to his sex appeal. Pointed nose, making him look even more attractive. And plumpy pink lips that must taste like cherry. The beard, hiding his edge-cutting jawline, gave a feral touch to his rugged look. He is handsome in every sense of the word. But that was not it. He also carried an air of danger around him. The ambe
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"You are my mate"
Sabrina was growing impatient to meet Elijah. The second-in-command had already left with some of his men to ensure her path was safe. She learned that he had been appointed as her protector by the royals until she reached the capital which was six days away. Sabrina hopped on her horse to start her journey. Her family and the servants bid her farewell in teary eyes. It was a big day in the history of werewolves. Sabrina, the blessing of the moon goddess had embarked on her journey of saving the world. The sun shone brightly up in the sky as her journey began. Soon, she was left only with royal soldiers. The third-in-command was riding on her left side and the royal advisor was shielding her right side. "How long would it take for us to reach the capital?" Sabrina asked, even though she knew the an
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He is Cold
"Pardon, my lady," Elijah questioned, positive he must have misheard her. Not your lady, I am your woman, Sabrina was tempted to say"You are my mate," Sabrina nervously fisted her nightdress and repeated with a little more confidence this time. Elijah was staring at her with a straight face. He scanned her expression for any hint of amusement but there was none. She has to be a really good actress for he knew she was just messing around with her. On the other hand, Sabrina was turning into a nerve-wreck by his silence.  Her brows knitted down when he started chuckling. That deep delicious chuckle.  "You got me for a second, my lady. Your theatr
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By The Waterfall
Sabrina woke up to the sound of birds chirping. Her lashes were sticky due to all the crying she did last night. Everything was feeling tougher than she had expected. She sat up and stretched her body. She had hardly slept. The apprehension, doubts, and fear plagued her thoughts last night, sending her sleep to a faraway land.  She didn’t have much time to make him believe her. Her heart shuddered as she wondered what would happen if she failed. She couldn’t imagine being mate with anyone other than him. Her wolf would die.  She headed out and instantly her eyes started searching for him. He was nowhere. “ Is my lady looking for someone?” a sudden voice coming from behind made her jump in her spot. She placed a hand on her heart and turned to see Booth standing beh
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Sabrina had her head throbbing painfully when she woke up from her brief slumber. She sat up and massaged her temple to alleviate the pain but to no avail. And then the memories of last night rushed back, prompting fresh tears to invade her eyes. Their moans and grunts had felt like a spear, stabbing and twisting her gut mercilessly. How could he be so cruel? She moped for ailw on her bad luck than quietly wiped her tears and slid off the makeshift bed. She straightened her gown and corrected her appearance before walking out of her chamber. The maids bowed down to her when she came out. Her eyes of their own accord started searching for him and they found him a few moments later. He was talking to one of his commanders. A wave of anger and pain burst inside her as she couldn't help but remember the last night. Her gaze trailed down his face. Another heart break was awaiting her when she found a hickey right above his collarbone. Her heart had stopped beati
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Hope flickered inside Sabrina when she noticed the scowl plastered across his handsome face. It made her feel giddy from inside. He did feel jealous, didn't he? Maybe, he does feel something for her. Maybe a flicker of passion or just lust, whatever it is, she would take it and use it for her advantage. Seduction was her weapon and her mate was her prey.      She snuck a glance at Elizah who was riding in the front. His mighty shoulders and broad back were giving her weird feelings down below. He was a large man, much larger than Sabrina. Muscular and strong. It excited Sabrina, a lot. The only turn-off was his involvement with another woman. She still hadn't forgotten that. A sharp pang was felt in her heart whenever she recollected those heart-wrenching moments. Jealousy fired up in her, burning her heart. She would make sure he burn in the same flame.Her time was running. Sabrina matched her horse's pace t
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Naughty Princess
Before she could scream for help, a large hand clamped itself firmly over her mouth. "Ssshhhh," he breathed heavily in her ear while pressing his large chest into her back. Sabrina froze in realization. It was him. His firm grip around her bare belly tightened resolutely. She felt the gentle heat of his body searing through her back, causing her heartbeat to sore like a bird. "I didn't like how you were dancing with that imbecile," he loosened his hand over her mouth only to play with her hued lips. His thumb started caressing the soft flesh. "I was this close to snap his neck and then yours," he pinched her lower lip with his thumb and index finger and stretched it harshly. She groaned in pain. The stench of alcohol coming from his mouth alluded that he was drunk. "Is that what my little princess wants?" he put his chin on her shoulder and continued to roll her lip, ignoring her groans of pain. "Nnnno please..," she p
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It Hurts
Elijah woke up to the chirping of birds and something soft pressed against his front. He opened his eyes and met with the most beautiful sight in the world. Her long and lush lashes rested comfortably against her cheeks. Her pink swollen lips were slightly parted. His one arm was draped around her naked waist. He let his fingers caress the dip of her waist. Her skin was soft like dough. He was afraid it would tear off if he pulled a little roughly. He pinched her waist, earning a moan from her. A soft smile fell on his lips. He shifted closer to grip a piece of her hair and gently tucked it behind her ear. Her tender, delicate beauty could charm anyone into committing sin. His lips curved into a soft smile when he heard her soft snoring. Such a cute kitten. But the smile quickly dissipated as the realization hit him. His first reaction was to look down. Fortunately, they both were clothed. His heart sank when he took notice of bite marks on her neck. That mark was a cle
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Alone In The Woods
The river was raging fiercely. Anyone could get easily drowned in the powerful current of the river and never be found. His face blanched when the ralisation dawned upon him. Without thinking twice, he jumped off the cliff and into the water. The icy water pricked at his skin as he felt himself going deeper into the water. He pushed himself up the moment his feet touched the floor bed of the river to swim to the surface. He emerged from the water and looked around. She was nowhere to be found. His heart sank to the pit of his stomach. All he could see was furious waves of water. He swam through the water in search of her. "Sabrina," he hollered her name while fighting the fierce waves."Sabrina," no answer came. The anxiety was clear in his eyes. He had started to lose hope when his eyes caught on a piece of green cloth flowing in the opposite direction. He turned towards it and started swimming after that while calling her name from the top of his lungs. Her blond locks were float
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