Trinity of Power

Trinity of Power

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Brandon has been taken by the evil trio of Corinda, Casen, and Severn. But all isn't as it seems for these three. While in their custody, a new enemy emerges. Will Brandon be able to bring these three back into the fold? Or will their mateship fall apart? And how will they deal with the new threat to wolfkind? This is the third installment in the Trio of Mates series. You can find book one (Trio of Mates) and book two (War of Threes) here on GoodNovel.

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159 chapters
Four years earlier… “How are we going to do this?” Corinda asks nervously.“We’re just going to say you and I are pregnant, Rin.  It happens everyday.” Severn pulls Corinda into his chest, soothing her hair down.“But what if the pup doesn’t look like you?  They’ll know.  If it looks like Case, then we’re screwed!” She’s nearly in tears from worry and fear.Casen kneels in front of her where she sits on the bed.  He puts one arm around her waist, the other snaking around Severn’s. He pulls them tight to him and they huddle there.“We told them that you and I were siblings.  If the pup looks like me, we e
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Chapter 1 - Corinda
Present… “Sevy, how hard did you hit him?  He’s been out for four hours.”  I crouch down in front of our captive.  Brandon, I think?  I get them mixed up, there’s just too many of them.  I know who goes with who, but trying to remember the name that goes with which one is just too hard.  I know this isn’t the guy that can use his alpha tone on us.We were worried that his power of knowing what was coming at him would extend to Sevy’s abilities, but either those pups have him too tired or it just doesn’t work on non-living entities.The thought of his pups sends a jolt of jealousy and intense pain through my chest and I forcefully shake my head to push the thought away.I can hear
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Chapter 2 - Charlie
I am nursing the twins, trying to stay calm for them.  Stress makes milk production hard and I already needed to produce more than the typical mom because I have two babies to feed.  But on the inside, I’m falling apart.  He’s gone.  The fucking evil trio of the west has him.  And we have to wait for three days to get him back.The twins know something is wrong.  They don’t smell or feel their Daddy.  And they can feel the anxiety and fear rolling off of Zak and me in waves.  It makes even the easy-going Jared fussy and Christine is a fucking hellcat.  They won’t latch to nurse or sleep.  All they seem to do is cry or whimper.Lily moves up to me, her pregnant belly just barely showing in her loose t-shirt.  “Why don’t you try to just nurse one and pump on the other side.
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Chapter 3 - Brandon
The second that they take the silver chains off and begin tying me with rope, I mindlink my mates.Zak?  Charlie?  Can you hear me?Brandon? They both scream.  I can hear the fear and worry in their voices.  I want to calm them.  To reassure them that I’m ok.  To check on them and our pups.  But I can’t.  I’ve got to get them as much information as I can get out of my captors so that they can find me.Listen! I link.  I can tell that they immediately become alert.“Who the fuck are you?  Why am I here?” I demand.“I guess that we should i
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Chapter 4 - Zak
This is maddening.  I mean, I'm relieved to know that he’s safe.  Like, you can’t even imagine how relieved I am, but having no idea where he is.  It’s killing me.  I know that Charlie feels the same way, based on the way that she’s clutching me to her.I’ve texted the Alpha Council in our group chat to let them know what’s going on and have been giving them continuous updates throughout.I do feel a little bad for the evil trio.  Brandon really sucks in the kitchen.  Guy could burn water.But I’d happily eat only his charcoal burgers and incinerated asparagus for the rest of my life if that meant that we could have him back.  Goddess, I needed to have him here right now.Keep it together, Z
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Chapter 5 - Severn
My beautiful mate.  One of the two loves of my life.  Her beautiful red hair is wild, the smell of ash and smoke clinging to her.  She’s been trying to burn away her pain in the forest.  Her face is flushed and the tear stains on her cheeks pull at my heart.  I want to go to her, I want to hold her, to comfort her and wipe the tears away, but she wouldn’t want that.  For one, we’re in front of someone else.  For two, she just wouldn’t want it. Talking about our pups…it’s too much for her.  Even four years later, the pain of losing our pups is too much, too raw. She deals with it with anger instead of facing it and dealing with the loss.  It’s caused so many difficulties for us.  We’re not as close as we were when we grew up together or when we were first mated.  I lost absolute control with her whe
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Chapter 6 - Meredith
Ever since I had met Brandon on the rock by the pond and talked to him about accepting his mates, he and I have been close.  It’s like having a brother, which is something that I’ve always wanted.We’d never really talked before that.  Not because Brandon shunned me or anything, far from it.  The Artemis Pack is full of people who are caring and kind.  More like we were of different age groups and status in the pack.  Our paths just never really crossed.But after that day, he took a special interest in me, checking on me and Lucille, talking to me about becoming an oracle, and making sure I was settling into my role as a mate and luna.  He was the first person there other than my mates when Fati and JoJo were born and has already insisted that Jared and JoJo are destined for each other.  How he would know th
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Chapter 7 - Brandon
Severn and I don’t really talk much after I give him my advice.  He seems lost in thought.  Not pissed at me, like I’d thought he would be.  More pensive and worried.  He knows I’m right, I can see it in his eyes.  He’s had to have felt it in his interactions with his mates, thought it after one of Corinda’s blow ups.Casen comes back about an hour after we finish eating.  We’re standing at the sink, washing the dishes when Severn turns around, an indecipherable look on his face.  He opens the barrier and Casen walks in.Severn smiles, relief plastered all over his face.  But it flickers out when Corinda doesn’t follow behind Casen.  “Where’s Rin?” Severn asks, looking at the open entryway.Read more
Chapter 8 - Corinda
Flames shoot from my hands, exploding against the skeet that is flying through the air.  We have an automatic skeet trap that I’ve programmed to throw the little discs at various speeds and heights, giving me something to vent my anger and flames on.The ground is littered with ash and smoke rings the air around the treetops.  The heat has caused sweat to drip between my shoulder blades and down my face.  The sound of the flames eating the oxygen between my hands and my target roars in my ears.It’s the sound of my pain.  The smell of my anger.  The heat of my hate.  My pups.I thought that after they were all dead that the pain would go away.  I had my revenge.  I had watched them die.  Watched them suffer a
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Chapter 9 - Casen
And there it is.  The thing that has been swirling around our minds for months.  No…years.  Corinda has been so cut off from us.  She doesn’t let us in.  Not into her emotions.  Not into her thoughts.  Not into her mind via the mindlink, unless she has something that she wants to say.  We don’t know anything about what she’s thinking.  Corinda stares at Severn, her mouth gaping open in astonishment.  “What?” It comes out in a whisper, barely heard in the stillness of the forest.Severn’s eyes are full, pain and grief dripping down his face.  “Tell me I’m wrong.  Tell me that you still want to be with us.  Tell me that you still love us and can put this behind us.  Because if not, I
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