Player with benefits

Player with benefits

By:  Winifred  Ongoing
Language: English
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Emily had plans, plans that didn't involve moving in with her elder brother and having to share an entwined room with his best friend. Being born into a rich family,her only intentions were to attend college and fulfill her dreams of becoming an artist but her world turns upside down when trouble comes knocking in the form of Tyler,her brother's undeniably gorgeous and irresistible best friend. However,Emily and Tyler's relationship kicks off to a rocky start and her guarded world opens up as she is torn between her feelings for Tyler and his unyielding demeanor towards her, constantly reminding her that he has no interest in her and only sees her as his best friend's obnoxious little sister. Will a sheltered naive girl like Emily be able to break through Tyler's caged heart or will his cold and unyielding demeanor be too strong for her to handle?

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10 Chapters
Chapter one
[Disclaimer!!! Do not skip please.] All rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronical, mechanical, photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the prior permission in writing from the publisher. This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated,all characters,names,places, businesses,food and events in this book–even those based on real places,events and people are either a product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Therefore,any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations,events or locales is entirely coincidental. {Notice!!! I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties,food,occupations and places of residence.} Emily's POV "We're here!" Kyle announces and I unplug my earphone. My e
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Chapter two
Emily's POV Sighing heavily, I turn around and make my way up the stairs to my supposed new room. As soon as I pull the door open,my mouth hangs open and I'm struck in awe as I'm greeted by the only beautiful thing I've seen so far since I got here. Ash and cream colored walls framed with portraits of bands and celebrity posters circulate the whole room. "I never knew Kyle could be this neat" I mumble to myself as I walk further into the room, slamming the door gently behind me. The room is divided into two parts with two beds framed by cream furniture surrounding the two mattresses which are both covered in brown bedspreads,cream colored duvet covers and pillows that are practically beckoning to me to test its softness. The two beds sit by far ends facing each other at opposite angles of the room with each side having a bedside stool with a night lamp on it,a desk,drawers,wardrobes and thin brown carpets covering the floor. A dressing mirror sits on one side of the room bedsid
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Chapter three
Emily's POV As soon as I'm done unpacking my things and putting them in the right positions, I go down to the living room to join my brother who is seated on the couch, watching TV. "Hey" I say as I sit beside him. "What's up?" He replies, turning his head to look at me for a few seconds before taking his attention back to the Tv. "What are you watching?" I ask and face the Tv where an action movie is currently playing. "I have no idea, I just got here and came across this. It's probably one of Tyler's collections" he says, laughing. "Who's Tyler?" I ask. "Your new roommate. Remember?" He informs me. Oh,so his name is Tyler…. "Are you hungry?" Kyle cuts through my thoughts. "Yeah" I tell him,rubbing my hand in circular motion around my stomach as a way to buttress my point. "Okay, I ordered pizza, should be here anytime s…" His words are cut short by the sound of the doorbell ringing. "Should be the pizza guy,I'll get that" He says as he rises to his feet,making his way tow
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Chapter four
Emily's POV I turn to face my brother who is standing by the entrance with a jug in his hand which he sets down on the counter. "Thief" I say and turn around, pointing at the thief standing behind me. I feel embarrassment wash over me as soon as I realize who the thief is. Tyler… Kyle stares back and forth between Tyler and I, looking confused. Tyler also has the same expression on his face as they both stare at me like I'm someone that had just been hit by a shipwreck. "I...uhm…I" I swallow, unable to form any audible sentence with the two piercing eyes fixed on me. "What are you doing with my baseball bat?" The deep masculine voice of Tyler asks behind me and I turn to meet his cold piercing gaze fixed on me. "I…uhm…I wanted to…" I'm cut off before I can even complete whatever nonsense was about to come out of my mouth. "Kyle please tell your sister to stay away from my things" He takes his eyes off me for a few seconds to look at Kyle and then back at me before adding, "For
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Chapter five
Emily's POV"Ahhhh" I groan in pain and so does Tyler."What the fuck?" He growls loudly as he reaches for the night lamp on the bedside table, switching it on."What are you talking about?" I ask in confusion and sit up."And what are you doing on my bed?" He asks with a cold voice and I jump in shock as I realize I had come to his own bed while I was in a hurry to not get caught.How the hell did I miss that?I'm left speechless as I struggle for words,"I...uhm...I…"He cuts me off by saying,"Up""Huh?" I ask stupidly, in confusion."Get the fuck out of my bed" He says with a loud voice, sending shivers down my spine and I jump out of his bed, walking… practically staggering towards my own bed.Classes haven't even begun and I already feel like dropping out and going back home to my granny in LA where no one dares to yell at me or behave in such a rude manner towards me."Just so you know. This is still my room and I do not want anyone else coming in here" Tyler's voice breaks throug
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Chapter six
Emily's POV Taking quick long strides towards the stairs, I make my way hurriedly to the bathroom as directed earlier by Kyle. When I step into the bathroom,the first thing that catches my attention as I stand in front of the mirror hanging on the wall is the wall cabinet resting by a corner of the bathroom and I walk towards it,seeing that there are four toothbrushes there, three old ones and a new one which hadn't yet been pulled off it's wrapper. I quickly tear the wrapper open and pull out the toothbrush. I also take the tube of toothpaste resting by its side, pulling the cap open as I slowly spill a layer of its content onto my toothbrush. Once I'm done with that, I walk back to the mirror and place my hand over my mouth. I exhale onto my palm and scrunch my nose in disgust at the awful smell that had just come out of my mouth and realization hits me instantly as I recall speaking to Tyler few minutes ago and his reaction after I had spoken to him replays in my head, hitting
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Chapter seven
Emily's POV The drive to the restaurant doesn't take us up to ten minutes and before I know it, we're both parked in front of a building with a signboard where 'Joe's Pizza' is boldly written on it. As soon as we climb out of the car,the cold air hits me and I find myself shivering beside my brother who doesn't seem bothered by the freezing weather as we head straight into the building. The place is a bit crowded with different people placing others while some are still waiting for their orders to be taken. From my observation,half of the people in the restaurant are mostly college students Despite the crowd,it doesn't take us long to spot Tyler who's seated at the far end of the restaurant in a corner with two girls and two other boys seated next to him. "There they are!" Kyle yells loudly over the crowd and then he takes my hand in his, pulling me along with him as he makes his way towards their table. The guy who's seated next to Tyler whispers something into his ear to which
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Hi guys, I've been away for so long and I'm really sorry about that, I've been dealing with a lot and had to take a break. I'm back now fully and I hope you continue to read as I update daily. I promise you a daily update with more intriguing chapters coming up. Thanks for reading! Please don't forget to VOTE,COMMENT and SHARE to your friends. Constructive criticism is allowed but outright rude and offensive words insulting my writing skills are not allowed and will be reported as spam. Please remember the author put in so much work, time and passion into writing this. __Love,Winnie Xoxo
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Chapter eight
Emily's POV Our orders were delivered late as a result of the massive crowd that had now filled the restaurant and also the orders that were being dispatched out of the restaurant. Tyler,however, had been very impatient and had even threatened to beat up the waiter if he didn't deliver our food soon. As soon as our food is brought to our table, Tyler,being the impatient one, starts eating immediately, barely engaging in any conversation whatsoever with any of us. Kyle on the other hand is busy discussing something related to soccer with Asher while I talk with Anna. Anna has been very sweet towards me during the last thirty minutes we've been here. She had told me a lot about herself and her twin brother Asher. I for one was really surprised that they both were twins,given that they looked nothing alike and were totally different from each other. I hadn't even in the least thought they were related, talk more of being twins. It's something that no one in their right minds would
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Chapter nine
Emily's POV This is unbelievable! For someone who has all but been rude to me since I got here,how dare he ask me to get him something from the fridge? Yeah I know I'm probably batshit crazy and all but he has no right to ask me that after being so rude to me and then all of a sudden he's being…. nice? Maybe he was just having a bad day when you came,my stupid subconscious mind tells me but I ignore it and storm off to the kitchen in anger. Neither of them seems to notice my displeasure as soon as I come back with both their orders in my hand, wishing I had poisoned it. I hand the plastic bottle containing water to Kyle and then the protein bar to Tyler. Our hands brush against each other for a split second but it doesn't last as he pulls away instantly like as if my hand were stinging nettles. Sighing tiredly, I walk back to where I was previously seated with Kyle now the new occupant,his long legs stretched on the couch. "Hey will you please move your legs, I want to sit dow
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