Subduing the Alpha

Subduing the Alpha

By:  Yukiro  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when Alpha Kai of the Moonstone Pride pack has no choice but to give up his rank to another Alpha to keep the peace and stop a war that has been going on for years? Giving everything up for peace was one thing... but now his enemy, the rival Alpha Cedric, keeps doing such sensual things to him! What is an Ex-Alpha to think!?

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106 Chapters
CH1 - Kai's POV
It has been two years since I became the alpha of my pack. I can still recount the day I knew I would be the next alpha. It has been ingrained in my mind so much that I’ll never forget it.I was sixteen when the sound of an alarm howl rang out through the pack. My parents, the previous pack leaders, told me to stay safely within the packhouse. I didn’t listen. I wanted to fight beside them, wanted them to know they could rely on me. That I was ready to be responsible for the pack.By the time I reached them, it was too late.The largest wolf I had ever seen threw aside their mangled bodies. Who was this alpha? I didn’t know. They were far beyond anything my parents had accustomed me to.With the blood on his fangs, the alpha had yet to spot me, but my fear held me in place. I couldn’t move, my eyes still on my dead parents. War had always been something the packs had to contend with, but I had no way of knowing just how deadly it c
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CH2 - Kai's POV
That warning howl has sent me into panic mode, but as soon as I feel Dereck’s hand on my shoulder, I realise I need to snap out of it. I’m scared, but I can’t let my pack down and freeze up. I need to be strong.At first, he just gives me this look of worry, but after a moment Dereck says, “Kai, I am with you. No matter what happens, I’ll protect you. Not just because I am your beta, but because I care about you. I’ll let nothing happen to you. I promise.”It is now, with his words, that I realise I’ve been holding my breath still and let it out in a restless sigh. “I’ll protect you too, Dereck,” I reply, nodding my head firmly. “No matter what. Together, as always?”“Together as always,” he agrees, sharing a smile with me. I can’t help but think of how lucky I am to have a beta as trustworthy as he is. He isn’t just a pack member, but my best friend.&ld
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CH3 - Cedric's POV
I can’t believe that pack is yet again hounding my scouts! I had them merely monitoring the smaller pack along the southern border, more to judge if they were still going to be a threat to me and my pack now that I’m forced to take over, but no. They have to interrupt my scouts like the pests they are!As soon as I arrive at the battlefield, I can see just how chaotic they’ve made it. Their beta has someone cornered against a large tree and, from what I can tell, he is also a beta, or perhaps an alpha?My warriors continue into battle without me, giving me time to judge the fighting with my own eyes. I rarely bring myself into the middle of a fight, as my warriors usually disperse a crowd quickly.This time, however, it might not be so simple. With three packs here, it is harder to tell which wolves belong to which rival pack. I’m not even sure they know who is who, either.The smell of blood assaults my nose, but something sweet l
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CH4 - Kai's POV
From the moment he had taken down the two wolves who had attacked me, to when he stared me down, I knew right away who this wolf was. Or at least, knew what he was. He was an alpha and not one I could ever hope to win in a fight. He was large and fast, and his condescending tone made me want to bite his face off.I studied him carefully, his fur was a dark blackish-brown and his forest-green eyes stared me down in return.I might have been an alpha too, but just being there in his presence makes me feel inadequate. I avoided his gaze almost voluntarily from his alpha’s aura. Quickly enough, I realised I had no choice but to fight this man off. I had no one that would come for me. They had separated Dereck from me and I did not know if my pack had escaped or not.The only thought going through my mind when I lunged at this alpha was that I was going to suffer a slow, painful death, but maybe my pack would be safe for a little longer.The alpha easily
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CH5 - Kai's POV
I can’t look at my beta or any of my scouts as I surrender to the alpha before me, nor when he forces me to lead him and his warriors to my home. The rest of the pack will need to be collected, as we have no choice but to go back to his land. I imagine he wants me there with him, to ensure the rest of my pack doesn’t fight his pack. They’ll need to know he is their alpha now, too. I hate this. I hate it so much, but I can’t win against this alpha. He is just too strong. I can hear the panic in my pack’s voices as soon as they see me and the larger alpha next to me. They probably already know what is going on, with or without me telling them. I order them to gather everyone in the yard and it isn’t long before everyone is standing in the yard. Even with everyone here now, we would still be no match against this alpha and his warriors. It is scary to think that someone would be that powerful. Looking at all of my pack, the alpha holds his head high as he claims, in a loud and clear
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CH6 - Cedric's POV
As soon as he transforms into his human form, I can’t help but allow my eyes to roam all over his body. He is smaller than me, which I had expected just from his wolf form being smaller. His black hair, hazel eyes and lightly toned chest are all eye-candy to me. How he tries to be modest almost makes it more sexual than I assume he had intended it to be. I can’t help but smile at myself. My mate is incredibly sexy even when he doesn’t realise he is. I almost have to pull myself out of a daze and hand him a pair of clean boxer shorts. “I am not sure if they’ll fit, but they’re the smallest ones I have,” I tell him. Our fingers brush in the exchange, and it sends little tingles through them. I step behind Kai and look his back and arse up and down. I get the urge to fuck him but resist it. “How old are you?” I ask him instead. “E-eighteen,” Kai replies, confusion filling his voice. I hum thoughtfully before watching him don my boxer shorts. They’re not a good fit, but for now, the
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CH7 - Kai's POV
I feel so violated by this man, but worse than that; I feel betrayed by my own body. Why did it get aroused like that when he touched me? It is unacceptable for an alpha to get turned on by another alpha or anyone that isn’t his luna.I follow Cedric to my new ‘room’ but I bet it is a jail cell or something awful. I hate this man so much! How dare he make me an omega and then touch me like that? I shoot him a few glares, but I am cautious that he doesn’t catch me in the act.Knowing my luck, he will punish my defiant look with something twisted. Though he said he didn’t have time, so hopefully this means I have some time to gather my thoughts? I have to figure out a way to escape this hell.I’m so lost in my thoughts that I don’t notice Cedric has stopped near the room we were just in. With a small thud, I bump into his back and blink in surprise. Why did he suddenly stop so soon? Aren’t we going to the dungeons?Glancing over his shoulder at me, I can’t tell what he is thinking, but
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CH8 - Cedric's POV
Seeing Kai’s reaction to my kiss really pleased me. He might not admit it, but there is no denying that he enjoyed it. If only he was ready for me to tell him the truth. He isn’t there yet, though. If I told him now, he would deny it, if not flat-out reject me. I don’t think I could take rejection. He is too cute to let him reject me like that. I’ll have to show him we belong together, that we need one another. Not sure how yet though. There must be a way, but I'll have to be patient and gentle with him. Gain his trust. Somehow, someway, I'll show him. As I leave the packhouse, I join the rest of my pack in helping settle down our new pack members. There is a bit of work to do, but I’m glad I got to this pack before any of the others realised just how weak they had become. Not that my mate is weak in and of himself, I can see he has a will to fight in him. It is just compared to the other packs. His pack has just become too small to survive. I sigh as I oversee the new members into
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CH9 - Kai's POV
The sunlight hits my face as morning rears its ugly head. I turn over in bed, trying to hide myself away from the light. That’s when I realised something. I hadn’t gotten into bed last night. I was too stressed about whether alpha Cedric came in and did things to me while I slept or not. I quickly sit up in bed, tossing the covers off to make sure I’m still in the boxers he gave me. As I spot them, I sigh in relief. I don’t feel any pain either, so he never touched me in my sleep. Yet, he must have come in to put me to bed. Right? That man seriously confuses me. He could have easily killed me before. In fact, I had assumed that’s what he had come to do when he showed up. Instead, he made me bow down to him and he seems to have some strange kinks. At least, I think that’s what it is. Wish he would leave me out of it, though. A firm knock on the door alerts me to someone outside. Before I can deny whoever it is an entrance, the door is unlocked and Cedric strides in like he owns the
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CH10 - Cedric's POV
I wish I could bring Kai with me and show him off to everyone in my pack, but right now I can’t guarantee he won’t try to run off at the first opportunity. It doesn’t seem fair to keep him locked up either, but what choice do I have right now? Then there are the females. A guy like him would be instantly popular with them. They annoy me enough as it is, but another alpha that they can try their luck with? No way on the Moon will I ever let them near him without me around to protect him! It’s heartbreaking to be away from him, even if I haven’t gone far, but this additional matter needs my attention now. He probably isn’t happy with being locked up in his room, but I’ll make it up to him as soon as I get back. As I step into the war room, I cast my gaze over my warriors. “What’s the damage?” I ask, my tone taking on a more serious note. None of my warriors appears ready to speak up. I take a deep breath, and ask again, this time louder, “tell me what the damage is.” “Your beta… was
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