Desert Cliff's Goddess

Desert Cliff's Goddess

By:  Ezlaricatalia Sunalva  Ongoing
Language: English
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Teresa has been blaming herself for the events that occurred the night her parents died. From being a beloved pack member to the most hated she-wolf. However one conversation after dinner with the alpha may shake up the whole pack. Will Teresa be back on top or end up dead?

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14 chapters
The Beginning of Choas
Teresa's POVFor the last year I have had trash thrown at me, crude remarks spat in my face, and today, my training partner almost killed me. I just want to go back to being that quiet nerdy girl again. No one paid any attention to me back then, unless they needed homework done or answers on tests. I wasn't anything special, as they said. Curly dark chocolate hair that went to the middle of my back and tan skin that looked so dull. In the sun my eyes looked like freshly made caramel, but no one could tell since my head was always down. While any other time they looked like pools of fresh mud after a horrible rainstorm."Teresa, are you listening dear?" Alpha Kam said, snapping me out of my thought."I'm sorry Alpha. I must have zoned out." I replied while my cheeks turned pink from the embarrassment. The whole dining hall was staring at me again. Shooting daggers into my body. Only I could get away with this type of behavior, which always puzzled me because anyo
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Please Understand
"Please sit back down, we have much to discuss in little time. I know I said I would be leaving in the morning, but I am scheduled to leave in two hours. I didn't want to say anything in front of the others, because this information could cause a war." I paused for a moment to let them prepare themselves. Then I continued, "I have been harboring a secret for many years now. After the unfortunate events that happened last year, I believe it's time to shine some light on our situation." Trying to think of the best approach, Teresa starts talking. "Alpha Kam, what do you mean this could start a war? Our people are barely holding on now. We cannot afford to risk them or our land again." and she was right. For someone so young, she could recall what happened. The tragic loss of my wife, our Luna. Our land use to be covered with trees, wildflowers, and there was a vast amount of wildlife. Now we were surrounded by cliffs and dirt, one of the effects from the last war that happened five yea
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The Face Behind The Mask
Beta Saul's POVThe Alpha was aging fast, and I knew without an heir, I would be taking over the pack soon enough. I only amused him by staying in the dining hall to listen to the old fool. Never did I expect he was holding a secret like this. This has derailed my whole future, my plans to conquer all nearby packs. My wolf, Drako, was ready to come forth and shred both of them to pieces."Alpha, you're lying. There is no possibility of this being true. My blood parents were Geo and Layla Cruz." Teresa sounded like a whiny little pup."Take a deep birth my child. I will explain everything in great detail when I return. Until then please let this little bit of information set in. I know this is already more than you can take right now." He says to Teresa and then turns to me. "Beta Saul, I am entrusting you to keep her safe and start training her to take my place. She is my only child and this pack's future ruler, once I am long gone." The Alpha spoke. How foolish
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Racing to Survive
Teresa's POV Beta Saul followed me out of the pack house, passing through the trees, and into the wastelands. Thank the Moon Goddess for my abilities. Only a select few are blessed with special abilities. However, in our pack, it seemed like everyone had one. We have a woman who grow plants in this desert and a man who could create water. I did not believe my abilities were beneficial to the pack, like theirs, so I kept it my secret. No one knew, not even the Alpha. I father. How could they keep this from me? The people who I thought were my parents took this with them to their graves. Did it not bother them? Did they not feel like they were being deceitful? I am sure they did it for the right reasons but what exactly was it? Alpha Kam gave no details, which led me to spiral in my own mind. So busy with my thoughts, I did not realize Beta Saul was closing in. I heard a growl that sounded murderous come from the shadows. I looked up and Beta was a few feet away in his wolf
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Applying First Aid
Unknown POVThe morning sun has risen, and I can feel it's warmth on my skin. As I wake from my slumber, my wolf is going crazy. 'Mate! Mate! Mate!' There is no way our mate could be nearby. We were in the middle of nowhere, in an abandoned house. Yet here I was, fighting my wolf for control. Moon Goddess only knows what would happen if I lost.I bartered with my wolf, so I could at least get something in my belly before going on this wild goose chase again. It seemed to work, so to the hallway I went. As I got to the top of the stairs, I could smell cherry blossoms and vanilla. The scent only got stronger and when I got down the first set of stairs, I ran down the hall to the second set. I damn near flew down them and there was our mate. Sitting down, leaning against the front door. Sleeping so peaceful. My wolf was jumping with excitement in my head. We finally found our mate.Studying and imprinting every detail of our mate's face to memory, I realize our mat
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Stay With Us
My nerves finally gave in as my adrenaline rush disappeared. Falling on my ass and then laying down on my back to breathe a sigh of relief. Kai was whimpering and when I asked if everything was alright, he was silent. I couldn’t think about it long before I felt something wet touch my fingers. I bring my hand into view and jump up. Looking at where the bone was previously poking out, blood was gushing out. I did everything right, right? I didn't put too much pressure when pushing the bone into place. So, what happened?'Kai? Kai!?' The only response I got was his whimpers. 'Kai, y-you knew.... you knew and didn't say anything. She will bleed out if you don't help me.''There's nothing we can do. She's lost too much blood. I can't sense her wolf.' he solemnly whispers. 'You tried Jesse. None of this is your fault. Remember that.'I was not going to accept this outcome. I know there is something I can do, but what though? I don't have much time to think, she
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The Truth
Teresa's POVI felt like I was floating in an ocean but that was impossible. The last thing I remember was running into my childhood home and then everything went dark. I tried to communicate with Talia but there was no response. I feel like I should be concerned but I'm not. I try to look around, only to see miles and miles of water. I look up to see more water and a light shining above. By the way I was breathing, I could not tell that I was completely submerged.I swim towards the light. Popping my head out, I see a familiar couple sitting on the beach. They wave me over and without a second guess, I float on my back to them. The man walks into the water as I get closer. Picking me up and tickling me as we head towards the giggling woman.She was absolutely beautiful. She had honey eyes that looked like they were sparkling, with or without the sun shining directly on her. Long curly hair that touched the sand, surrounding her as she just sat there laughing. I
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Camelia's POVTears ran down my face as I heard her question, "Mom?""Yes dear. I am your biological mother or as your thoughts say, 'your birth giver'." That stung but I couldn't blame her. Looking into her eyes, I can see how her life has been. I don't understand how Kam could let those mutts treat our daughter that way. She is of royal blood. Kam grabs my hand while rubbing my shoulder with his left. Looking into his eyes, I understand why he didn't interfere. We discussed this many times and fought almost every day before giving her up. She needed to be protected."Teresa, do not be angry with Camelia. She wanted to keep you...." Wrong choice of words my love because here came Teresa, damn near biting his head off."So, it was you then?! You didn't want me?!" Kam backed up with his hands in the air as she charged towards him. Pointing her finger at him. I chuckled a little because she definitely had his attitude. "And you...." Uh oh, maybe
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The Bond
Teresa's POV My mate? But how? Completely trapped in the darkest abyss of my mind, I wallow in my thoughts. I wish I could have gotten more answers from my parents. The only answer I did get, left me more confused. I'm not even seventeen yet. Most wolves don't begin searching for their mates till the arrival of their eighteenth birthday. However, almost every member in my pack chooses a second chance mate because they don't want to leave the safety of our territory. Only a handful of them would opt into traveling to the annual ball to search for their one true mate. Unlike the others, I thought I would end up mate less. I never wanted to leave the pack's land and I knew no one would accept me as a second chance mate. Some of the males wanted me as their bed mate but if I couldn't have my one true mate, I didn't want anyone. Whenever I scoffed at their suggestions and told them to shove their dick out of their assholes, they would try to force themselves on me. I shiver at the though
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Before I can take a step out the door, I sense something wrong. Fear, desperation. I look back at her and see tears running down the sides of her face. Kai stops his battle for control, and we rush back to her side. I wipe the tears off her cheeks and can feel her relax to my touch. She even moves a bit more into my hand. I feel my heart beating with absolute joy. She stops crying and I wipe the rest of her tears off of her face and neck. Then I notice the dry blood on her shoulder and look down at her leg. How did I not notice it when I was drooling over her perfect body? I remember there was a water well out back, so I need to find a bucket or something to carry it in. I get up and start searching the house. Wandering into the kitchen, I start searching the cupboards and there was so many. I doubt all of them were used in the past but to my surprise, they were all filled. Cups, plates, and bowls occupied two of them. There were canned goods and nonperishables in four of them. Cookin
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