Conquer the Alpha King

Conquer the Alpha King

By:  Hibaby  Ongoing
Language: English
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Misa blends into the kingdom of Aria to kill King David. Under the guise of an Alpha, Misa succeeds through their eyes. But after three failed assassination attempts. Misa falls prey to David's chase game. After the cruel beatings, Misa decides to seduce King David. After so much effort, Misa successfully attracted David's attention. All plans fall apart when Misa discovers herself being shaken before King David. Will she let go of all hatred and confess her purpose in front of David? Or throw away the love to continue to carry out the assassination of David.

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    10 chapters
    POV Misa.I saw the tunnel back to my attic from the darkness, not too far away. The wind from behind carried the strong scent of wolves that made me unable to stop being alert. I stretched out to speed up the glide quickly into the cellar. The smell of sewage coming into my nose did not scare me with the feeling of danger coming from behind.  They're scattering people who want to surround me in the middle, and if there's a circuit running straight ahead of me, I can't escape the Jame net trap. I remember the direction down to the cave where most of us used to shower in the evening. For a moment, I decided to change direction, I licked the blood under my feet and calmly watched the wound quickly heal. The night wind passed by when I stepped on my heels backward, turned left, and plugged my head straight. Read more
    The next day I was led by Brucer to a private party in King David's palace, and even though I was walking next to Brucer, I couldn't look at him. Inside it was just me, King David, and his sister Brucer, Jame standing guard outside the door with the long whip always in his hand."Brucer, come here."The solid masculine voice made my blood boil as if to boil. A little later, I tried to control the wolf screaming inside me. God knows how long I've been waiting for this. Brucer let my hand out; she quickly swooped into King David's lap like a small child of course Brucer would not forget to introduce me to David."Did you want to marry him?" sir David reiterated as if to confirm.Brucer kept nodding his head nonstop and talking about the good things about me in front of him
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    Alpha's sense of smell is sensitive, especially for those who have passed through Jame's coaching hands. I used the sap to hide the smell of my body afterward and gently swung on each treetop as I approached him. Look down at a distance high enough to be safe for yourself. I used a branch that had been firmly sharpened, and at the fastest speed, I plunged down the bottom and stabbed him right in the neck, his eyes opening in amazement before collapsing.I wiped away the blood on my hands before swinging back to the tree, the wolf was extremely sensitive to the smell of blood. I had to leave, if not just a little more Alpha would come back here, then I couldn't escape.I moved and memorized the layout position of each area in my head. I don't know how long it would take and how vast the place was, but the chances of me escaping seemed to be getting smaller and s
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    Stalking danger
    David leisurely sipped all the sweet wine in his hand. The blood-like red color dries down to wet one side of the healthy left burly. Jame patiently stood beside me, supervising. The chain tied my hands in Jame's hand. The feeling of fatigue came. I didn't have time to rest all day. After the torture from the king, I had to continue washing the feet of all alphas in the army.  I can feel that the damage inside is gradually recovering. If I don't do it fast, I'm afraid their know I have this unique ability. It's a talisman so that I can escape later. Near the end of the day, I was happy in my heart. Guess I was close to resting until I reached for soft white feet in my hand. I'm stunned. No Alpha can have such beautiful elongated legs unless it's a girl. Needless to look up, I know that the one who came was Brucer. Her smell is not so strange to me.  "Look, such unreasonableness." King David said impatiently. Saucy. My forehead continued to b
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    Secret of the king
    I woke up because I was hungry. My back hurt so badly that I was afraid I couldn't get up. It was dark, and I saw David sleeping in bed in the dark. My body would be exhausted if I couldn't eat. My power is eroding little by little. I listen to the steady breathing on the other side, then look at the outside. There was only one guard at the door, no Jame present. I turned my knuckles tightly together to get out of the leash. David was torture cruel that I thought I was disabled. I had to get back before dawn. If I were discovered, I didn't know I would be able to live or not tomorrow.   In the thick night, the blue eyes become glowing. I can see everything within 20km at night. I ran into the training forest based on my memory, following the shortcut back to the beta shack. I sneaked into Colnaz's room through the lower door, familiarly opening bamboo bags that hung at the head of the bed. We always have regulations whenever we have to put food in reserv
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    After determining it was just him and me here, I looked around. I could handle him and then quickly leave. At the fastest speed, I rushed over, clutching the small knife that wanted to be plugged into his heart. At the moment, the body loses momentum running straight ahead. That man could have avoided it. My speed equals Jame's, so he's stronger than me.Why is he here? I couldn't get over it. I was constantly running around him, deliberately creating each round of illusory wind that distracted him. It is my great technique; no one knows about it, even my grandfather. I looked at the skinny man in the middle of the center and turned around like an arrow going straight into his chest.The blood from his hand came out, soaking the small knife. He still caught me attacking; I tried my best to pull out the knife but couldn't. Despite the more profound blades on the
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    Mewo - The snake stiff-necked
    The white snake crawled up on my feet, its red crests blazing high. It looked at me like a god looking down at his commoners."Do you need more water?"The snake could talk, and I saw it open its mouth like a human. So for a moment, the people who speak up are it. It is beyond my imagination. The werewolf world does not have much understanding of other species. What's more, I don't even know how I can hear it."I'm Mewo. You can call me Mr. Mewo if you want." The snake said.I swear to God. I don't hate snakes, but that doesn't mean I can accept a talking snake right in front of me. I threw it to the ground with my hands. Maybe it's because I'm so panicked that I use so much power that it rolls a long way. The arrogant red crests were tinged with contaminated soil, but i
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    Chapter 8: David's Secret
    POV DavidPower makes me strong, but it doesn't make me happy. I found Misa again, but she couldn't remember who I was. The doctor diagnosed a compulsive disorder caused by the effects of a mental shock that made her not want to recall the past. It makes my heart afraid of suffering. She said she wasn't Misa; her name was Brucer. I was willing to indulge her with anything, but the increasing dependence on Mark awakened the desire for possession of me.She's always been on my side before. Her eyes only looked at me, but this time it was different. Whatever the difficulty, the first person Brucer thought of was Mark. The promise on the top of the tree is the only one I remember, Brucer has forgotten. I came first, but I lost. I don't want to, but I'm jealous with my little brother.I realized Brucer was scared and watched out for me. It made me suspect Mark was the one who separated us. That day, I witnessed them sticking their heads together, playing happily even
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    Chapter 9: The Familiar Assassin
    Brucer never initiated a meeting with me. Most of the time I went to her myself. Later that day, to meet Brucer I had to give advance notice. And it has never been accepted. I still thought she was embarrassed and shy until she took the initiative to meet me."I want him," Brucer said.I panicked. What was Brucer saying? I watched the slave Alpha standing in the middle of the floor. His petite figure, blond hair, and low head made it impossible to see his face. But the king of Aria lost to an enslaved person, which was unacceptable. It broke the beginning of a man like me. "Come here, servant." I gave the order.He slowly moved forward step by step with reservations. Just a lowly man. How could he be like me? That's what I thought about it. I was still thinking about using words to make fun of him in front of Brucer. But in the blink of an eye, the shadow rushed towards me sitting. My chest was stabbed hard by someone. There was no need to wait long. His face elongated, skin white, a
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    Capturing King of Green Valley
    The Arina Sanctuary is located right in the center, of which the South belongs to Double Valley, the East belongs to Towner Valley, the West belongs to Green Valley, and the North is Howlin Valley. Of those, only Towner accepted Arina's control. The peace treaty between the valleys was established 50 years ago. Until I became the next king of Arina, this was no longer valid.The spy from Green Valley delivered the mail. Tonight is the right time to attack the Green Valley palace. I have been waiting for it for almost 5 years. At all costs, I have to get Green Valley. Before he left, Mark sent me a dagger. Mark's kindness wasn't with me; he wanted me to kill myself if I failed. Since Arina wants secrets to go to Green Valley, we must go through Towner Valley. That afternoon, we met Otis in the Towner Palace. With a happy face, black eyes, and a silver robe without a badge, his head was still wrapped in a black scarf from the first meeting. Otis greeted me with a ceremony to welcome t
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