Seventeen dates to convince him

Seventeen dates to convince him

By:  KC Sylvester  Ongoing
Language: English
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Skyler Rivers one the most handsome bachelor in the city and certainly the richest has never been interested relationship until a certain Stunning blonde came waltzing her way into his life. Skyler has a secret that makes dating impossible for him. A secret that threatens his very existence, a secret he just couldn't trust into anyone's hand, not even the blonde. Their first meeting he wasn't impressed with her but then again why couldn't he forget her. Few days later the blonde badges into his office with a ridiculous proposition. Seventeen dates to convince him to give them a chance. The blonde was certainly not giving up. Skyler was certainly tempted so he decided to take a chance. Will his leap of faith pan out well for him especially when their first date turns out to be a disater or will the blonde confirm what he has know all along. That he is better of alone?

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30 Chapters
Chapter one: Letting loose
A smile appeared on Adriana's face as she hit the enter button on her laptop." Finally, " she groaned tiredly moving her neck from side to side to remove the kinks and aches from so much bending to work on her laptop.She just completed the numerous reports she needed for the next managerial meeting coming up next week.As the new CEO of her father's company, she has a lot on her desk to do. Their company, Starprize Winery was performing below par because her father had been lax with his employees giving them room to do as they please.Adriana loves her father and respects him a lot, but the man was kind to a fault.When she took over as the new CEO a few years ago after graduating top of her class from Havard business school, she found their accounts to be in red, and most of all other departments with a lot of mess that had the company in so much dept that she is still fighting till this day to pull them out.She has managed to pull them out from red but they were barely floating a
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Chapter two: Dragging him to the club by ear
Skyler stared seriously over the report he was going through. Their company Rivers empire just acquired a new chain of hotels. Cate and Castle.The hotel was one of the best hotels in the city just before things started to go wrong and they found themselves on the verge of liquidation.Their company had moved in to buy the hotel from the owners at a very cheap price.The owners had been reluctant to sell at such a ridiculously low price but just as Skyler was able to convince him otherwise.Before he was made the CEO of his father's company, he had been the marketing director.His co-workers then had accused him of coating his tongue with honey, because there has never been anyone he couldn't sweet-talk into a deal that brought about his nickname. Sweet talker.Skyler had been the one to talk his father into the deal because he had been reluctant to invest in a business that was sinking, but Skyler believes the company still has potential and he was going to make sure he achieves it.
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Chapter three: Flirty conversation over a drink
If looks could kill, Skyler's friends will be dead on the floor.Skyler glared at them as they head off to the other side of the room abandoning him to the vixen that was heading towards him like a tigress on a prowl.Skyler's glare turns to one of fright as he realized he was going to have to deal with the woman whether he likes it or not.He looked towards the exit, his sharp mind calculating the distance between him and the door and if he can make a break for it before the vixen reaches him." Hello, " a feminine voice poured over him causing his whole body to break out in bumps, as the voice strokes his flesh like a soft evening breeze.He turned around to face the voice and swallowed his tongue.The woman was even more gorgeous up close.A smug grin played across Adriana's lips when she saw the shock and appreciation in the guy's stunning green. She must say she was a little bit stunned to find his eyes this green. Rarely has she seen that color in men. From across the room she
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Chapter four: She feels right in his arms
Skyler just found out that moving with the full body of a woman plastered across your full body length like a koala bear was the most difficult thing on earth. No make that the second most difficult thing. The first was invading the snaky hands of the said woman. If Skyler didn't know better he will swear with his life that the woman in his arms was an octopus. Her hands seem to be everywhere and all over him. God, please save me, Skyler moaned in distress as he tried to evade yet another sneaky caress from the woman. Adriana couldn't get over how good the man she was plastered over smelled. His cologne wasn't obviously masculine nor suffocating like most men who smell like they took a shower with their cologne. Rather he has this delicate spicy smell almost bothering on feminine tinkling her senses and sparking her system with an intense desire to touch. She wanted this man desperately and the need was driving her insane. Adriana didn't know whether the insane desire to touch
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Chapter five: Once I get you home this will be the end of our interaction
Adriana let her tired body relax more atoning itself to the smooth rhythm of the car as it purred over the road.The interior of the car was amazing and smelled like the man beside her.She couldn't help stealing glances at him.His face was stunning under the moon reflection, almost ethereal.He hasn't said anything since they set out, but she wasn't surprised by that. The man beside her was a man of few words. Adriana almost expected the silence between them to be uncomfortable but it wasn't.This is the first time in a long while she is in such close space with a man and nothing is going on. No talking, or make out session just complet silence.The silence was so comfortable that she didn't see the need to fill it with empty chatter. Neither did the guy.Skyler could feel the blonde's stare on his face even though she was being subtle. " Take a picture it might last longer, " Skyler teased not taking his eyes from the road.He has always been a careful driver and having a passen
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Chapter six: What is your name?
" Ahh!!! " A painful scream tore horrifyingly through Adriana's throat once she rose from the car and stood on her injured leg. " Fuck! " She jumped hopping off her feet and nearly nosedived to the ground. " Easy, " Skyler wrapped his strong arm around the blonde's slim waist to stop her fall which pushed her body against his chest, causing them both to freeze. For a brief moment, they stood in that position sucked in by the intense emotions swirling between them. Skyler's heart raced where the blonde head rested and his hand shook with the tenacity it took to restrain himself from leaning down to take the blonde's lips with his. The shock of his thoughts snapped him back to reality and he withdrew his body from the blonde, holding her at arm's length while still supporting her. " I am sorry, " he apologized softly not knowing why he was apologizing but needed to say something to break the silence between them. Adriana sighed silently in her mind. It felt so good to be in
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Chapter seven: A visit from her dad
It felt like in a dream, the excruciating pain Adriana was feeling. She tried to get comfortable but the pain wouldn't let her and the problem is, she can't even pinpoint the source of the pain.Her sleep was restless as she tried to sleep amidst the discomfort.Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and her eyes opened.The first thing that hit her was the throbbing pain in her left foot." Fuck! " This hurts she exclaimed loud into the room sitting up.A glance at her foot revealed some swelling around her ankle.What a lousy Friday night. Didn't get laid but got injured instead.Adriana was about to get out of bed but paused mid-way as she recalled the face of the gentleman she met last night.He is so dreamy, she gushed to herself. Wonder if I will see him again if I go back to the club.Worth a try, Adriana gave herself a secret smile as she hopped down from the bed making sure to keep her weight off her injured foot.Her thoughts still on the man and how to entice him into a date
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Chapter eight: A call from his mother
Skyler barely slept a wink last night because his mind had been so occupied by the thoughts of the blonde from last night. It was in the early hours of the night that he finally found sleep.Despite sleeping late it didn't stop him from waking before his alarm went off.His body has gotten used to waking at this time of the night that he hardly needs his alarm clock but that doesn't stop him from setting it every morning.Skyler is hardly the type to stop a habit once it has been formed.He started using the alarm clock when he was seven because he needed to get up early for his home lesson. All through his grade school and high school, he was home-schooled as his father hadn't had any belief in the school system.It was only during his college years that he had been let out of the nest and that was because he had set his foot down even still his dad still got him, personal tutors.Skyler got out of bed and straightened. A made bed means a good day. He never leaves his room without ma
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Chapter nine: Meeting with Serena
Skyler's shoes struck heavily on the expensive beautiful linoleum floor of his parent's home as he stomped towards the door, his body vibrating with restrained fury. Of all the stunts his parents have ever pulled this takes the cake.The sound of his shoe could be heard all through the walls of the empty hallway as they echoed his fury.As soon as he was clear of the dining room Skyler took out his phone to call the valet to bring around his car. He couldn't wait to get out of this place.He was almost to the door when a voice spoke behind him. It was his father's butler. An Irish gentleman in his sixties, with the kindest grey eyes Skyler has ever seen in his life. A man that was more of a father to him than he his real father. A man that treated him like he was somebody instead of something to be feared, frowned upon, or studied.Darragh is a second-generation Irish American. His parents came to America years ago when he was still a wee lad and he started working for his parents as
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Chapter ten: Use your feminine wiles
Monday morning shined bright and beautiful through Adriana's window waking her up. Her eyes tightened as they were disturbed by the morning rays. Rays! Sunlight! Fuck, I overslept, her eyes snapped open and she took a look at her alarm clock. Seven am. What the hell happened. Her head was a little foxy, and she couldn't remember last night. Her head was throbbing mildly, and her mouth felt like something died inside. Bits by bits her memories began to return. Last night she and her friends had gone to a party hosted by one of Reilly's co-workers. Reilly hadn't wanted to go alone because she has the hots for the guy and didn't want to embarrass herself. She needed them as a safe blanket. What a safe blanket she must have been if she got skunk ass drunk. Luckily she has two of their other friends to serve as a buffer. The party had been rave and wild, and Adriana had been determined to beat her record of ten bottles of beer in one night.And if the riot going on in her head is any
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