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He hated them. Zadicus Snyder, The wizard upholding trembles by his very name, possessing dark powers one cannot fathom. He hated that whole country- especially her who neglected him and exiled him for something he did unintentionally which led him to become a rogue. He ruled empires from the shadows but amid this sovereignty, she never left his mind. Not even once. Persephone Sage. The army commander of his ex-homeland. The one who put him in the state where he was consumed by darkness, evoking a fire of revenge in his heart against Persephone, the person he once called his lover.

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67 chapters
“Let me go!” Persephone growled, trying to rip her hand off from the iron grip on her wrist.“I said, let me go!” She yelled, trying to move but with a sudden yank, she was thrown into the ritzy room, falling on the ground.The aura of the cellar spelling danger, sinking her heart in anticipation of fright, especially his action.“Now, shut this mouth.” Zadicus’ stone-cold voice came, entering the room and locking it, contemplating her bewitching body with a dark smirk on his lips, approaching her like a predator.“You will gain nothing by keeping me imprisoned.” She hissed, looking up at the dominant man before her, colliding with an intense gaze. “You have no idea what I am going to gain.” Letting out a low husky laugh, his steps reached his victim steadily, indulging in the shiver she emitted by the proximity. “What…?” She dared to ask, swallowing hard, raising her orbs to meet his. With a growing smirk, he growled, reflecting his animalistic urges, “Pleasure.” Trembling by the
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Chapter # 1
“My liege.” A voice called their leader, Zadicus Snyder, consumed by dark powers, lost in his gloomy memories with a dead expression. “Hmm?” He hummed, elbow resting on the armrest of his throne, cheek on his fist, eyes closed to gain some relaxation but to no avail. “What do you want now?” He asked coldly, rolling his eyes off.In this loneliness her memories chase him desperately.“For how long do you intend to remember an unfaithful?” Avin asked, narrowing his eyes but sighing he leaned back on this throne of blood.“Until I enslave her in my domain.” He replied, staring down at his hands with fire burning in his eyes.“That day is chasing quickly.” Avin said, reassuring his Lord. “Upon your orders, We have burned down the Heaven’s Tower and kept Lord Chester as hostage.” He informed him which brought an evil smirk on his lips.“Great.” Humming, he could feel the electrification of chasing his dark desire, he wanted to see the extent he is willing to reach for one prisoner.Lord
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Chapter # 2
“My Lady, Please spare some m-mercy.. W-We are sorry.. Please..” The criminals cried hopelessly as the Army Commander Persephone Sage dragged them through the hallways, their blood staining the path of her lavishing mansion.“We are sorry..!!” They cried, crawling back but the chain didn’t let them, throwing them in her training grounds, which halted other soldiers who saw their commander.The strongest warrior of Aziel; Persephone Sage, the fiery fire of Phoenix, notorious throughout the lands for her ruthlessness but never telling what converted her heart into a storm.“Should have watched your actions before.” She replied coldly, kicking down their bloody bodies. “Soldiers! Etch this in your minds! Traitors are given a life worse than death. You love where you live, what do you lack in our blessed land?!" She called."Yet, look where your greed led you. It is our duty to keep our grounds safe from scum like them. A traitor will remain a traitor and we must deal with them accordin
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Chapter # 3
There came the evil wizard in disguise of an irresistibly handsome Prince under the ruse of alliance, chasing his intentions with thundering speed as others were unaware of it.I never thought I would return to this destable land. Hmph, still the same. He thought with a bitter smile, contemplating the surroundings until his eyes met hers.“There she is.” Causing his heart to skip a beat, halting his very existence when he saw her from afar, still bewitching enough to capture any heart in her captivating hazel eyes."Ruth" He called one his fifteen commanders, narrowing his eyes and the spark emerging from him converted into a fiery fire of hatred."Yes, My Liege?" Ruth asked, setting her eyes on a tower. "Spread out. You know what to do. We cannot stay here long." He ordered with a vile smirk."Yes." Bowing, They vanished in the air before anyone could notice."Have we met him before?" Persephone whispered to Kriss, perplexed by Zadicus's gaze upon her. "Nope. Yeah, His Father visit
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Chapter # 4
“Try to understand Kriss. Zadicus is here and he is planning something big!” Persephone argued, going after Kriss, trying to convince him. “And how he managed to come?” Kriss asked, stopping in his tracks, turning to her. “You are the one who will be held responsible in the first place. It was your duty to secure our land.” He told her the bitter fact but it didn’t falter her determination.“And I have fulfilled my duties but Zadicus is here, you have to believe me.” She insisted, pulling his arm. “Oh really? For once I can believe, of all people, he came to see you first but how?” He asked, yanking his hand back, folding his arms at his chest.“The Prince! He is not Prince Jazeel, He is Zadicus!” She growled, raising her voice, which caused Kriss to cover her mouth.“For God’s sake, Persephone, Lower your voice!" He whispered-yelled, vexed about her feral behavior. "It hadn’t been a single day and you are claiming him to be Zadicus, don't be absurd. On which proof are you making
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Chapter # 5
“Assholes, mocking my capabilities.” Persephone growled, slamming her hand, the rage flickering on her face showed the fun made out of her state.“I won’t let them invade our land, I will protect Aziel at all cost.” She hissed, running her hand in her hairs, making them messy.Randall was disquiet about her reaction, unable to comprehend what is special about tonight and what threat could possibly occur in this surety.“What could have grazed us, My Lady? Why are you so hasty tonight?” He asked.Doubting her at this point but when a collected person is vexed then it must be something so he places his faith upon her judgment and following orders.Halting her tracks, Persephone glanced at him and then back at the full moon, whispering with stress, “Tonight… we might fall.” His eyes widened in disbelief, blinking, considering it to be a jest but it was not. “Fall? I.. don’t understand. What do you mean?” He asked for his confirmation.“I meant what I said and as the Army General, I mus
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Chapter # 6
Persephone blinked, trying to register his words and her wrongdoing. The action of fulfilling what is required to save her land ended up in its devastation. “He knew… He knew I would do anything to save my land.” She breathed out the unintentional mistake she made. “And took advantage of it.” Hissing, she slammed her hand down, trying to perceive how to get out of this predicament. “What are you saying, My Lady?” Randall asked, distressed by her reactions and words. “We are in the most terrible position.” She breathed out the state she is stuck in, punching the wall, cursing under breath, losing her mind. “What should we do now?” Randall asked desperately and all her faze converted into pure rage, cursing him in her heart. “How did this happen? How could this break out in a single night?” She asked, regaining her senses with extreme difficulty, going with him. “The rebel party you caught. It was not only one of them, they were a whole organization and they have begun their atta
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Chapter # 7
Her words brought a scowl on his face but containing his emotions he simply glared at her. “It’s your own fault. I never asked you to stay in my memories, Persephone.” He scoffed, disregarding her words. “Then why are you after me?” She asked hopelessly, mixed in her dilemmas, seeing him revived the emotions and scars she buried long ago. “A simple desire. I want you. That is all.” He chuckled, assaulting her sensitive nerves, evoking distress. “I can’t believe it…” She breathed out, taking a step back, shaking her head, refusing to believe the extent he is using to possess. “How low are you planning to fall, Zadicus?” She asked sorrowfully, holding the hem of her dress. Kriss noticed the glint of anguish in her eyes, inducing pity mixed with an unknown hint of jealousy he didn’t show in his heart. Only seeing the intense emotions shining in her eyes. “Why do you care? What can you do to stop me, huh?” Zadicus growled, losing his forbearance by her words, coming closer. “Can yo
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Chapter # 8
Zadicus was sitting on top of the royal palace, scrutinizing the scenario aesthetically pleasing to his desires, smirking atrociously while staring at the ravage taking place. He died to see this sight, their condition similar to his heart’s.“My Liege,” A voice called, his Number 2, dragging him out from his rhythm of joy.He hummed, motioning her to continue and she informed about the death of number 10 which made her vexed to think how they could survive until the final act.“Kriss Emmett has killed Walter.” His smirk grew wider, anticipating it, “I see…” Looking up at the Moon, he spoke to himself, wallowing in the sight, waiting to see what it might take for Kriss to realize.“Let’s see how many commanders you can kill before you figure out my true plan, Kriss.” Meanwhile among the army, a wave of exhilaration evoked, cheering to know their Prince is on their side and nothing could harm them anymore.“His Highness has killed commander number 10!” They cheered, their faith st
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Chapter # 9
“Long time no see.” He spoke, coming closer but she took a step back, refusing to believe it’s him, this was affecting her mind badly to see him after eight years-…and moreover an enemy.“What- How- How could this happen?” She asked, shaking her head, tightening her grip on her sword, knowing he is number 1 and she had to fight him.“This is impossible.” She whispered, blinking, trying to neglect the reality. “You can’t be alive.” She breathed out, narrowing her eyes thinking someone was playing with her mind.“Then what do you consider what you are seeing?” He chuckled darkly.Opening his hands, snapping his fingers to induce the realization it is not a dream nor illusion.He was truly here and she had to fight him.“It’s you…” She whispered when the painful realization hit her that she had lost him as well.“You chose his side too.” She said, disheartened at his choice of leaving them.“Why does it hurt? Have you forgotten such emotions are not supposed to exist for an enemy?” An
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