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Alpha Rain Hilton, of the Blue moon pack is the youngest Alpha in reign. Everyone doubts his capabilities, even when he weathers many storms and succeeds in keeping his pack safe. He has only one problem, he has no mate, even at 28. Nevertheless, he never rested in finding his mate, as he traveled to several packs just for a chance to find his mate. On a fateful night while on a flight, he meets a renowned fashion model, Ketra Venture, who turns out to be his mate. The problem is, she has no time for a mate. Will she put her successful career on hold and assist him in leading the pack? Does she have Luna qualities? What about the secrets that threaten to tear them apart?

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25 Chapters
Find an outstanding Luna
Blue Moon PackEveryone moved hurriedly to prepare for the guests that would arrive in a few hours. It had become a normal routine to prepare for several guests every week in the Blue moon pack. Their Alpha, Alpha Rain Hilton was being pressed by the pack members to find a Luna as he was already 28 years old and had yet to find his mate.Every week, guests (especially women) from different packs visited the Blue moon pack to see if Alpha Rain's mate was somewhere among them. He lost count of people that came with hopes to become his Luna but left disappointed.Some beautiful women would even throw themselves at him for a one-night stand and he probed them happily. Those who clung to him later were the only reason why he wanted to find his mate as soon as possible and leave this shit.It had become a normal thing and he wasn't bothered by the presence of so many women all targeting him either for fun or to mark them and make them his Luna, even without the bond of being fated mates.A
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Guests from Amber Moon Pack
Alpha Rain decided to step out and meet the guests after making it an excuse to escape Grace's seduction. Who knows what he might do when her behavior goes on and how is he supposed to wash it off after it's done?"Alpha Rain." Everyone greeted him in unison when he emerged from his study. There was a lounge across his door and that's where everyone was. The guests seemed to be pleased with the hospitality so far, all thanks to Beta Samuel. Alpha Rain wore his ever-serious expression to meet the eyes of the seductive women in front of him. For now, he was confident that his mate wasn't among them because he couldn't pick up any addictive scent yet. He could see how every woman gave a different expression as they looked at him and he gritted his teeth at their reactions. This was his umpteenth failure to find his mate and he was already frustrated. Nevertheless, he couldn't show the guests an image of how he wanted to send them flying out of his pack."Welcome to the Blue Moon pack a
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The following day early morning, Rain was set to leave for Chicago. The Steel Howlers pack was in Chicago and this was his second last pack to visit. He only had two chances left to find his mate and if she wasn't in the Steel Howlers pack, he had to go to Silver Moon Pack immediately.Beta Samuel decided to not tell anyone about their Alpha's absence till confirmed that he was already in Chicago. He could fake an emergency later and tell everyone how Alpha Rain couldn't find a chance to talk to them before he left.A black Porsche truck was already a few steps away from the entrance of the pack house and Alpha casually walked out with a few omegas who took his suitcases. He was nervous and he couldn't figure out any reason for this sudden feeling.It wasn't like him to feel nervous on such occasions when he had to look for his mate. It was something he got used to with time but today, he was extremely nervous.He turned back to look at Beta Samuel who gave him an assuring nod. He wou
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Ketra Venture
She was torn between acknowledging the bond or rejecting it when she still had time but her wolf disapproved as she reminded her how much pain they could go through to the extent of losing her wolf if she decided hastily.She wasn't stupid to overlook how mates suffered after rejecting each other and neither did she remove hands-on how mates were committed to each other which rendered much to leave behind what they cherished to go after the bond.I'm her right senses, she could never look at a man twice but right now, she felt an enchantment. There was an urge to run and fall into that alluring man's chiseled chest, as she pictured it. Her eyes locked on his inviting full pink lips unbeknownst to her. The pull was intense and she didn't figure out when she stood on her feet. The iPad which was resting on her thighs earlier was now on the ground but she didn't notice either as her legs began moving on their own.She wanted to halt and get back to her seat but her wolf interjected and t
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It was an eight hours flight to Chicago and throughout the entire flight, Rain peeked at Ketra intently taking in every inch of her beauty. Ketra made herself busy on her iPad that she picked up from the ground where it had fallen and even though she advised herself to concentrate countless times, she still couldn't. She was continuously stealing glances at Rain who shot her a captivating smile whenever their eyes met.Initially, Rain had thought of exchanging seats with the man on Ketra's side but his wolf surmised how mate wasn't too amiable for now. Even Carter his wolf was yearning to meet Ketra's wolf but he slowed down and swallowed his hype. Mate was still in their reachable sight and they would convince her after landing. She didn't reject the bond immediately and that gave him sufficient time to convince her.When they landed, Alpha Rain hurried but he was careful because they were in the human city and unnecessary speed would make everyone turn attention to them. He approac
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Rosea fashion show
The limousine parked in front of a tall exquisite building and Ketra made her way inside hurriedly."You're finally here. It took you so long to get back and we shall be late now. If you allowed me to come with you, you could get off the plane with your makeup done." Scott nagged but Ketra just rolled her eyes and bypassed him to sit adjacent to the mirror in the dressing room.Scott was Ketra's agent who got assigned to her six years ago when she joined Samsara modeling agency. Despite working together for six years, they never agreed on a particular thing. Nevertheless, they were still on brother-sister terms. Scott was supportive here and there and he was always willing to path through thick and thin for Ketra Venture.Other ladies were being attended to by make-up artists and fashion designers. Some were bickering and some were singing at top of their lungs excitedly. This was one thing Ketra loved about humans, carefree, happy, and lively. They were unlike werewolves who were alw
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Never letting go again
The drive went fast per the mysterious man's words. He never met a crazy man in life and he wished never to encounter the same character again. . Rain was impatient and nervous as they approached the building where the Rosea fashion show was being held. Being his second chance, he needed to check himself, his words, and his behavior, or else he would be done for Learning that his mate was not just anybody but the famous model and businesswoman, he prepped for the words and ways to woo her. After all, her life has been spent around humans and maybe she wasn't familiar with the Werewolf way of spotting your mate, kissing their breath away, and sharing carnal pleasures or even relying on the bond to take things further. When the driver announced that they were there, Rain snapped out of his daze and looked at the surroundings of the tall building which was occupied by countless reporters. There were lots of fancy cars on the side but he spotted one car that made his heart thump agai
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Admiring Ketra Venture
Ketra's heart thumped against her chest as she attempted to locate another thing to snatch her attention. The allure was overwhelming and she wondered if she could get off stage without tripping. 'Calm down, please. Let's get done here. I have built this career for years and can't disappoint the people who believe in me.' Ketra urged her wolf hoping for an effective reaction. Initially, she was affected by his absence and now with him breathing the same air as she was, she was extremely affected and she was on the brink of losing concentration which wasn't a good thing for her career. Prime of all scents, Alpha Rain could gasp her vanilla-mint scent which overshadowed others. He decided to suppress his desire to cover her body from the sight of others and focus on her beauty and professionalism. The designer must have had good taste to choose her as to close the show, Rain complemented in his mind, glancing at the fairy under the half-lit hall. After countless pictures, the design
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Admiring Ketra Venture 2
With the sparks that gave her butterflies in her stomach, Ketra didn't understand herself anymore.She glanced at her hand that was pecked by Rain which was the cause of the electricity that radiated in her body.When she stepped out, she wore her ever-serious expression. Her fans who had a chance to approach backstage were already waiting and new faces as well.In her years of being a model, she had brought new faces to recognition the same way she was brought up to where she was now. A picture with a top-notch model was the biggest chance for unrecognizable models to get known in Chicago and everywhere else. Ketra had no problem with that.She always created time for them and even checked out their skills in her free time. She also introduced capable ones to designers who needed models and that was her little happiness.But today was another topic. Her focus was not on them but rather on the locked door where she emerged from earlier. Her heart and her other half were inside that ro
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To the villa
Ketra sat quietly with Rain beside her in the back seat. Their silence was to keep their relationship away from anybody and since there was a driver in the front seat, they were extra cautious.The only sound in the car was their thumping heartbeats and their fast breath from the warmth that was created by their slightly brushing hands.It felt too good to be won over by Ketra's friction which was an exchange for her independence and freedom. She was afraid that she was going to ridicule herself when the bond took over her senses because she felt the magnetic feeling that pulled her closer to Rain's proximity.Ketra closed her eyes and balled her other fist to fight the internal force which threatened to take over.She felt the urge to intertwine their fingers while burying her head in his firm chest. She was in the blink of putting her nose right on the nook of his neck to sniff his faint scent if at all it could be sniffed.Still, she couldn't let her stubbornness and willfulness cr
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