Fantasy novels are a kind of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people. Magic power, supernatural creatures often appeared in fantasy novels. Distinguished from other series of novels, fantasy novels usually don’t reflect real life but embody authors’ great imagination. In order to shape satisfying characters in fantasy novels, authors often need to take much energy and time to inspire their imagination. Usually, fantasy novel recommendations are for children to stimulate their imagination and innovation,yet it also attracts many adult readers’ interest.

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The Dragon King's Obsession
" One of you three will become the Dragon king's wife ! " said the king .Without even knowing it , this one sentence would change Charlotte's life forever . From a forgotten princess to the wife of the most feared king on earth . The dragon king , Damien PenDraco ! He was ruthless , he was cold-blooded, he was a pure dragon with a scary appearance and skin similar to a snake . Charlotte was the second daughter of the king . Her mother was one of the king's concubines . Her father lost his favor towards her mother and her . Although Charlotte was a princess , she was never treated as one. They often got bullied and mistreated by the queen and her daughters . When the marriage offer came from king Damien , the palace was in shock . King Damien used the marriage as an excuse so that he could get his hands on the land where the crystal of power could be found .The king couldn't refuse him . Neither of his daughters wanted to marry him . The marriage proposal was the only way Charlotte could be free .In exchange for her mother's divorce from her father and freedom, she started her journey to king Damien's castle . ' Everywhere is better than this hell! ' thought Charlotte .King Damien was exactly as described, a real dragon ." If you don't want to be my wife, you will work as a servant in my castle! "said Damien looking at Charlotte's rejection ." No problem ! " said Charlotte .When the king learns about Charlotte's immense knowledge of archeology , he offered her the freedom she longed for in exchange for her help in finding the crystal of power .The two of them agreed and started their journey in finding the crystal power but after finding it , king Damien refused to let her go . " You're mine ! "
The Last Dragon’s Enslaved Lycan Mate
My Fantasy Stories
"If you can't satisfy me with your mouth, then you'll have to satisfy me some other way." In one swift motion, he tore off her flimsy top and skirt, tossing the shredded fabric aside. The implications of his actions became quite clear to Visenya. "Please, let me try again... with my mouth. I believe I can..." "Quiet!" Lucian's voice reverberated off the walls of his bedchamber, instantly silencing her. This was not the way she had envisioned her first time. She had imagined passionate kisses and tender caresses from a man who loved and cherished her. But Lucian was not capable of love, and he certainly didn't cherish her. Instead, she was cursed with a mate consumed by vengeance, and wanted nothing more than to watch her suffer. ——— Ten years had passed since dragons ruled over the world, and Visenya had taken her rightful place as the Lycan Queen. Vampires were forced into the shadows, as hunting and enslaving humans became punishable by death. Finally, the world found peace. However, everything changed when Dragon Lord Lucian emerged from his induced slumber, only to discover the annihilation of his entire race at the hands of Visenya's father. Stripped of her kingdom, Visenya was condemned to a life of servitude as Lucian's slave. The cruelest twist of fate awaited her when she learned that her long-awaited mate was none other than the vengeful Dragon Lord himself. Consumed by their mutual hatred, will they be able to resist the powerful bond between mates? Or will Lucian push Visenya to her limits, only to regret it in the end? WARNING: This story may contain content that some may find disturbing.
The Dragon's Hidden Mate
Lucas is a 30 years old Dragon demi-God. He is the son of the fairy goddess and the God of wars. He is more powerful than his peers, which made him the object of respect and jealousy. He is more handsome than a Greek god and ruthless. Lucas lives among humans as a rich businessman. One day, archangel Michael visits him with a purpose. Michael is the one who helped the fairy goddess to protect Lucas after his birth. So Lucas respects him as a godfather. He respects Michael a lot, but he hates their politics. Lucas is straight forward and Michael deals with everything diplomatically. "Lucifer is planning something big to take over the world. None of us can enter into the underworld, but you can. I have a plan to stop him. I need your help for that" Archangel Micahel asks Lucas. "You know I don't like to be involved in your angel politics. You deal with your problems by yourself" Lucas refuses to even listen to the plan. Micael expected this answer. "Your mother is dying, and so is your father. If you help me with this, I will help your parents to reunite in their next life. They can live the kind of life they always wanted" he offered. He is the reason why his parents are dying. So he decided to help the archangel. "Fine, this is the last time I will be helping you. What do you want?" he conceded. "You have to kidnap Lucifer's daughter, Lola. The princess of the underworld" Micahel revealed. Come find out how these two enemies who are always at each other's throats will fall madly in love with each other. What if they find out Lola is a drifter from the fairy world. Who will save her?
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