Fantasy novels are a kind of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people. Magic power, supernatural creatures often appeared in fantasy novels. Distinguished from other series of novels, fantasy novels usually don’t reflect real life but embody authors’ great imagination. In order to shape satisfying characters in fantasy novels, authors often need to take much energy and time to inspire their imagination. Usually, fantasy novel recommendations are for children to stimulate their imagination and innovation,yet it also attracts many adult readers’ interest.

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The Gentle Dragon
Kaylani is the last water dragon, or she was until a scientist began making hybrids out of dragon DNA. She has been unable to have her own children, even when she mated with the earth dragon, Avani. He is now mated, so having a dragon baby is no longer an option. Instead of her own child, Kaylani adopted Naida, a hybrid created in a laboratory by the mad scientist, Oliver, using her DNA. Everett is a human who has become a doctor to the dragons. He switched his focus from humans to dragons, shifters, and eventually hybrid and elf anatomy. He has worked to find ways to save the hybrids, whether from explosives in their brains, from shifting into deformed creatures in a hybridization gone wrong or correcting the DNA of the ones whose injected DNA is incompatible and will kill the hybrid when they shift for the first time. Kaylani recognized Everett as her mate the first time she saw him. Unlike the other elemental dragons, she has no intention of fighting the mate bond and would love nothing more than for Everett to claim her. Everett, however, doesn't feel worthy of the gorgeous water dragon who looks like a goddess. However, her intelligence and her kindness continue to draw him to her, nearly as much as the mate bond pulls her to him. They work well together and have opened a school for the laboratory created dragons and hybrids, as well as other pure shifters, to help them understand themselves better and ensure that they have a positive future. Can Kaylani convince Everett to claim her, taking her as his mate, or are they destined to work side by side, never knowing the true love that comes from the dragon bond?
I am the dragon
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