Chapter 14 Enemies on a Narrow Road

Jiang Sese and Xiaobao had just woken up from their sleep when Jin Fengyao arrived early the next morning.

The man stood tall and straight in a well-fitting suit that made him look even more dignified. His delicate facial features made him look like an exquisite carving. His thin lips were pressed tightly together, his expression carrying an air of coldness and solemnity. His eyes were so fascinating that one couldn't bear to look away.

Jiang Sese stared at him, caught in a momentary daze.

She only snapped back to her senses after a while. Disoriented, she asked, "Mr. Jin, why did you come over so early?"

Jin Fengchen appeared a little happy and his tone sounded considerably lighter. "I brought you and Xiaobao breakfast."

He shook a bag of food in front of her.

Jiang Sese immediately took the bag from his hands and said, "Come in then. I'll put the food on some plates."

He nodded and walked into the house with large strides.

It so happened that Xiaobao was walking out of the bedroom at this moment, looking half-asleep and drowsy-eyed. With cowlicks popping up in his hair, he was the very picture of cuteness.

He didn't even greet his father when he saw him. He turned around and started pestering Jiang Sese. "I want a hug," he said childishly.

Jiang Sese bent down to pick him up with a bright smile. She walked out with a plate in her other hand.

Jin Fengchen immediately went up to help her. He didn't forget to look coldly at his son. "Miss Jiang, you don't have to pamper him so much."

She didn't seem concerned. "It's all right. He's such a good boy. He's not heavy at all."

Xiaobao gave his father a smug scoff and hugged Jiang Sese even tighter.

Jiang Sese burst into laughter and sat Xiaobao properly on her legs. She said softly, "What do you feel like eating? I will get it for you."

Xiaobao extended a finger. "I want that milk."

She granted whatever he asked for.

This angle allowed a clear look at her lovely side profile.

The corner of her mouth was upturned to form a smile as lovely as a flower. Her petite nose was straight and adorable. Her limpid eyes seemed to be gleaming.

Her smooth, supple skin was decorated with a faint layer of cosmetics, but even without any, she was an elegant beauty. Her simple, classy light-beige dress made her look as enchanting as a fairy. The lines of her body clearly defined her lithe figure.

Jin Fengchen stared at her, spellbound. Unfathomable emotions emerged in his pupils as if they were trying to swallow the woman whole.

This seemed to catch Jiang Sese's attention. She subconsciously raised her head.

Their eyes met. Jin Fengchen's eyes had returned to their usual calmness when he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing."

She looked away without another word. Even so, she was confused.

Was she mistaken?

She obviously felt, even for a split second, a warm gaze on her!

20 minutes later, when Jiang Sese and Xiaobao were done with breakfast, they left home with Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen dropped Jiang Sese near her company.

Before she got out of the car, he suddenly said, "That reminds me, Miss Jiang, Xiaobao won't be disturbing you tonight. His grandparents are back and they want to see him."

Jiang Sese was momentarily stunned before immediately replying, "Ah. Of course. It's all right."

Xiaobao was very unhappy. "I want Auntie Sese."

Jin Fengchen ignored him and told her, "If you miss him, you can call the number that Xiaobao gave you."


Jiang Sese was a little reluctant to part with Xiaobao, but responded with a smile nonetheless. She kissed Xiaobao and bade him goodbye before going to the office.

She happened to be caught in the morning rush hour, which meant packed elevators. She decided to just climb up the stairs instead.

As soon as she reached the office, she saw her colleagues gathered in a fiery discussion.

He Lin dragged her over as soon as she saw her. "Sese, something big happened."

"What happened?" Jiang Sese looked puzzled.

He Lin handed Jiang Sese her phone for her to see. "This…"

Jiang Sese stared at the screen and saw the company's forum displayed on it.

The post on the gossip forum read: "Conglomerate to buy Zhuoyue Creative Agency."

Jiang Sese was startled. "When did this happen?"

"This morning," He Lin replied. "I heard that the Lan Group is the one buying our agency."

Jiang Sese's expression turned cold. "Which Lan Group?"

He Lin looked at her like she was looking like a freak. "What else? There's only one Lan Group in the entire Jin City. Don't tell me you don't know."

Jiang Sese didn't reply, but her hands were bundled into tight fists. Mockery flickered in her pupils.

How could she not know?

It was because she knew them so well that she wanted confirmation.

She never thought she would hear this name again in such a manner after five years.

A nearby colleague overheard their conversation and came closer to join in on the gossip. "Sese, your info is too dated, isn't it? The First Young Master of the Lan family is known to be rich and handsome! Don't you know how many hearts he has stolen with his cultured temperament?"

"That's right! He's ranked 9th on the Jin City's list of elites. He's often featured in major finance magazines. Haven't you seen him?"

"So what? He has a fiancee! Speaking of which, his fiancee has the surname Jiang, the same as Sese. Her name is Jiang Nuannuan. Who knows, she might be Sese's relative."


Everyone was laughing and teasing, but Jiang Sese couldn't bring herself to smile.

They were right on the mark. They were indeed relatives.

This must be what is meant when it's said that enemies tend to meet on a narrow road. Opposing forces are bound to clash.

After what happened five years ago, she cut off all communication with the Jiang family. She wanted to have nothing to do with them for the rest of her life.

Who knew that she would reencounter them under such circumstances?

Jiang Sese began to feel an inexplicable irritation.

He Lin noticed her expression and expressed her concern. "What's wrong, Sese?"

"I'm all right."

Jiang Sese forced a smile. She put down her bag and turned around to head to the break room. She wanted to grab a cup of coffee to freshen up.

To her surprise, she ran into several people just as she reached the break room door.

Two of them were the Department Manager Yan Yifei, and General Manager Li Sheng.

They were clearing the way on both sides for a man and a woman.

The man was dressed in a steel-grey suit; handsome and smart-looking, with a refined air. He looked like someone that was well-liked by people no matter where he went.

The woman beside him was dressed fashionably in a red, skintight dress that lined her voluptuous figure and a pair of 10-inch high heels. Her makeup was delicately applied, making her face look bright and beautiful. Her brows and eyes seemed to betray her domineering and haughty character.

Jiang Sese's heart tightened and her breath became hitched when she saw them.

Lan Sichen and Jiang Nuannuan!
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