Chapter 31 Only Dr. Jing Could Cure Her Incurable Disease

She was not a saint and was just a little girl who had come out of the ivory tower. Besides, she was hurt in her last relationship. Maybe her feelings changed too fast, or she was frigid.

Yin Xiaoxiao always believed that if a woman like her encountered a man like Jing Liyuan, it would be hard for her not to fall in love with him.

And now, Yin Xiaoxiao was about to fall in love, but she would not tell Jing Liyuan that! She needed to control her heart. Whether this marriage was real or fake, she would try to be as proud as possible and not get herself hurt again!

Jing Liyuan faced Yin Xiaoxiao directly, with a touch of surprise in his eyes.

He knew that he could not make Yin Xiaoxiao fall in love with him in a few days. But there was no denying that Yin Xiaoxiao had started depending on him. If this situation continued, falling in love with him was only a matter of time. Such a situation was normal for him.

Putting down the cutlery in his hand, Jing Liyuan looked at the little woma
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