Lucky Girl With Her CEO Husband
Lucky Girl With Her CEO Husband
Author: Lou Xiaoyi

Chapter 1 No One Taught Her How to Behave

At the gate of Jade Palace, a fancy club in Yunzhou City, stood a young lady, wearing a red skirt with her long curly hair cascading on her shoulder.

Making sure everything was ready, Su Ziyue finally moved inside.

When she walked to one of the private rooms in the club, a waiter came forward to open the door and gestured her to come in with great respect. Su Ziyue turned to take a glance at the waiter, as her red lips curved upwards slightly and said, “Thank you.”

She felt pleased seeing the waiter's blushed face as he walked away, and then turned to step into the room.

She indifferently looked around the room with her watery eyes. Her gaze fell upon a woman who was in a knee-length white dress and had long black hair. It was her cousin, Su Yige. Right then, her cousin was talking to someone else as her head turned sideways a little. She looked really gentle and kind. Sure, that was how strangers would think about her.

It had been four years since they last met. Her cousin still looked like a kind-hearted lady judging by her appearance. ‘Kind lady? No, she’s just an old bitch.’ Su Ziyue sneered inside.

To remind Su Yige, the person next to her touched her arm, then she turned to look at the door and saw the newly arrived.

"Hey, Ziyue, finally you came! I promised to hold a party to welcome you back. I thought you wouldn't come…" Su Yige hypocritically explained as she walked over to hold Su Ziyue’s hand. But before finishing her words, Su Yige suddenly covered her mouth with shock and exclaimed, "Ah, how come you dress like this?!"

Su Ziyue tucked her hair calmly, with loathing in her eyes yet smiling on her face, asking back, "Don’t you like me dressing like this? Oh right, you work in grandpa's company, so you always have to dress properly. You may never see this kind of dress."

Awkwardness clouded over Su Yige's face. In order to maintain her image as a goddess, she wore elegant and decent clothes all the time. Seeing Su Yige didn’t say anything more, Su Ziyue raised her chin, turned around, and went to sit down at the corner of the room since no one was there.

She took up a glass of fruit juice and sipped slowly. 'The moment I came back from abroad, Su Yige gave me this invitation right in front of grandpa. She must hold no good intention.' thought Ziyue.

However, she was interrupted as she felt a fat hand climbing up her waist just after she sat down. As her eyes turned cold, she stood up instantly and splashed the glass of fruit juice onto the man who touched her.

Someone noticed this and cried, "Oh my goodness! It's Young Master Mu!"

"How dare you! Now you must apologize to Young Master Mu!"

Su Yige, who also heard the noise, came over and said, "Did you do that, Ziyue? Come on, say sorry to Young Master Mu."

Su Ziyue, however, darted a disdainful look at her, threw away the empty glass, and turned to leave.

Some girls defended Su Yige before she said anything, "She is your elder cousin. What's that attitude? Didn’t anyone teach you how to behave yourself there?"

Another girl quickly added, "Her mom died when she was little, and her father is in prison. No one taught her how to behave. No wonder she would do like this."

Su Yige frowned. She explained while her eyes turned red as if she was the one who felt wronged, "Please don't say that. Ziyue just has such a temper, but she is not a bad girl…"

"Yige, you spoiled her too much. We all know what kind of person she is…"

"That's right. How good could she be? I heard that she aborted a child when she was in senior high school!"


'How familiar...' thought Su Ziyue. Four years ago, she was stuck at the gate of the school by a bunch of people. They blamed her, scolded her with something she had never done, and made her the target of everyone's attack.

She balled her fists and put on a poker face, but she couldn’t say a word.

Young Master Mu pushed away the woman who was helping him clean his face, and took a glass of wine from the person next to him. His eyes were vicious as he took Ziyue's arm and said, "I'll forgive you if you drink this!"

She struggled to get out of his grip but failed. He had already put the glass of wine in her hand. She was about to fling down the wine. Yet at that moment, she turned her head by accident and saw a man show up one step away who looked at her indifferently.

This man was very tall and muscular. He was wearing a black outfit, and his head was lowered down a little. His delicate features and dark eyes made him look mysterious and distant.

Some girls chatted in a whisper, "Who is that guy?"

"I don't know whom he comes with, but he looks so handsome!"
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